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RCW 82.12.800

Exemptions—Uses of vessel, vessel's trailer by manufacturer.

(1) The tax imposed under RCW 82.12.020 shall not apply to the following uses of a vessel, as defined in RCW 88.02.310, by the manufacturer of the vessel:
(a) Activities to test, set-up, repair, remodel, evaluate, or otherwise make a vessel seaworthy, to include performance, endurance, and sink testing, if the vessel is to be held for sale;
(b) Training activities of a manufacturer's employees, agents, or subcontractors involved in the development and manufacturing of the manufacturer's vessels, if the vessel is to be held for sale;
(c) Activities to promote the sale of the manufacturer's vessels, to include photography and video sessions to be used in promotional materials; traveling directly to and from vessel promotional events for the express purpose of displaying a manufacturer's vessels;
(d) Any vessels loaned or donated to a civic, religious, nonprofit, or educational organization for continuous periods of use not exceeding seventy-two hours, or longer if approved by the department; or to vessels loaned or donated to governmental entities;
(e) Direct transporting, displaying, or demonstrating any vessel at a wholesale or retail vessel show;
(f) Delivery of a vessel to a buyer, vessel manufacturer, registered vessel dealer as defined in RCW 88.02.310, or to any other person involved in the manufacturing or sale of that vessel for the purpose of the manufacturing or sale of that vessel; and
(g) Displaying, showing, and operating a vessel for sale to a prospective buyer to include the short-term testing, operating, and examining by a prospective buyer.
(2) Subsection (1) of this section shall apply to any trailer or other similar apparatus used to transport, display, show, or operate a vessel, if the trailer or other similar apparatus is held for sale.
[2011 c 171 § 121; 1997 c 293 § 1.]
IntentEffective date2011 c 171: See notes following RCW 4.24.210.