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Chapter 77.85 RCW


RCW Sections

77.85.005Findings -- Intent.
77.85.020Consolidated report on salmon recovery and watershed health.
77.85.030Governor's salmon recovery office -- Purpose and duties.
77.85.040Independent science panel on salmon recovery -- Purpose.
77.85.050Habitat project lists.
77.85.060Critical pathways methodology -- Habitat work schedule.
77.85.080Sea grant program -- Technical assistance authorized.
77.85.090Southwest Washington salmon recovery region -- Created -- Recognition as a regional recovery organization -- Puget Sound salmon recovery organizations.
77.85.110Salmon recovery funding board -- Creation -- Membership.
77.85.120Board responsibilities -- Grants and loans administration assistance.
77.85.130Allocation of funds -- Procedures and criteria.
77.85.135Habitat project funding -- Statement of environmental benefits -- Development of outcome-focused performance measures.
77.85.140Habitat project lists -- Tracking of funds.
77.85.150Statewide salmon recovery strategy -- Prospective application.
77.85.160Salmon monitoring data, information.
77.85.170Salmon recovery account.
77.85.190Federal assurances in forests and fish report -- Events constituting failure of assurances -- Governor's authority to negotiate.
77.85.200Salmon and steelhead recovery program -- Management board -- Duties.
77.85.220Salmon intertidal habitat restoration planning process -- Task force -- Reports.
77.85.230Intertidal salmon enhancement plan -- Elements -- Initial and final plan.
77.85.240Puget Sound partners.
77.85.900Captions not law.