Chapter 76.09 RCW


RCW Sections

76.09.010Legislative finding and declaration.
76.09.030Forest practices board -- Created -- Membership -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Meetings -- Compensation, travel expenses -- Staff.
76.09.040Forest practices rules -- Adoption -- Review of proposed rules -- Hearings -- Fish protection standards -- Program for the acquisition of riparian open space.
76.09.050Rules establishing classes of forest practices -- Applications for classes of forest practices -- Approval or disapproval -- Notifications -- Procedures -- Appeals -- Waiver.
76.09.055Findings -- Emergency rule making authorized.
76.09.060Form and contents of notification and application -- Reforestation requirements -- Conversion of forest land to other use -- New applications -- Approval -- Emergencies.
76.09.063Forest practices permit -- Habitat incentives agreement.
76.09.065Fee for applications and notifications related to the commercial harvest of timber -- Forest practices application account -- Creation -- Applications submitted to a local governmental entity.
76.09.067Application for forest practices -- Owner of perpetual timber rights.
76.09.070Reforestation -- Requirements -- Procedures -- Notification on sale or transfer.
76.09.080Stop work orders -- Grounds -- Contents -- Procedure -- Appeals.
76.09.090Notice of failure to comply -- Contents -- Procedures -- Appeals -- Hearing -- Final order -- Limitations on actions.
76.09.100Failure to comply with water quality protection -- Department of ecology authorized to petition appeals board -- Action on petition.
76.09.110Final orders or final decisions binding upon all parties.
76.09.120Failure of owner to take required course of action -- Notice of cost -- Department authorized to complete course of action -- Liability of owner for costs -- Lien.
76.09.130Failure to obey stop work order -- Departmental action authorized -- Liability of owner or operator for costs.
76.09.150Inspection -- Right of entry.
76.09.160Right of entry by department of ecology.
76.09.170Violations -- Conversion to nontimber operation -- Penalties -- Remission or mitigation -- Appeals -- Lien.
76.09.180Disposition of moneys received as penalties, reimbursement for damages.
76.09.190Additional penalty, gross misdemeanor.
76.09.205Appeals board review.
76.09.240Forest practices -- County, city, or town to regulate -- When -- Adoption of development regulations -- Enforcement -- Technical assistance -- Exceptions and limitations -- Verification that land not subject to a notice of conversion to nonforestry uses -- Reporting of information to the department of revenue.
76.09.250Policy for continuing program of orientation and training.
76.09.260Department to represent state's interest -- Cooperation with other public agencies -- Grants and gifts.
76.09.270Annual determination of state's research needs -- Recommendations.
76.09.280Removal of log and debris jams from streams.
76.09.290Inspection of lands -- Reforestation.
76.09.300Mass earth movements and fluvial processes -- Program to correct hazardous conditions on sites associated with roads and railroad grades -- Hazard-reduction plans.
76.09.305Advisory committee to review hazard-reduction plans authorized -- Compensation, travel expenses.
76.09.310Hazard-reduction program -- Notice to landowners within areas selected for review -- Proposed plans -- Objections to plan, procedure -- Final plans -- Appeal.
76.09.315Implementation of hazard-reduction measures -- Election -- Notice and application for cost-sharing funds -- Inspection -- Letter of compliance -- Limitations on liability.
76.09.320Implementation of hazard-reduction program -- Cost sharing by department -- Limitations.
76.09.330Legislative findings -- Liability from naturally falling trees required to be left standing.
76.09.340Certain forest practices exempt from rules and policies under this chapter.
76.09.350Long-term multispecies landscape management plans -- Pilot projects, selection -- Plan approval, elements -- Notice of agreement recorded -- Memorandums of agreements -- Report, evaluation.
76.09.360Single multiyear permit.
76.09.368Intent -- Small forest landowners -- Alternate plan processes/alternate harvest restrictions -- Report to the legislature.
76.09.370Findings -- Forests and fish report -- Adoption of rules.
76.09.380Report to the legislature -- Emergency rules -- Permanent rules.
76.09.390Sale of land or timber rights with continuing obligations -- Notice -- Failure to notify -- Exemption.
76.09.405Forest and fish support account -- Created.
76.09.410Road maintenance and abandonment plans -- Fish passage barriers.
76.09.420Road maintenance and abandonment plans -- Rules -- Checklist -- Report to the legislature -- Emergency rules.
76.09.430Application to RCW 76.13.150.
76.09.440Small forest landowner -- Fish passage barriers.
76.09.450Small forest landowner -- Defined.
76.09.460Notice of conversion to nonforestry use -- Denial of permits or approvals by the county, city, town, or regional governmental entity -- Enforcement.
76.09.470Conversion of land to nonforestry use -- Action required of landowner -- Action required of county, city, town, or regional governmental entity.
76.09.480Identification of projects that mitigate infrastructure and noninfrastructure development.
76.09.490Forest practices hydraulic project -- Department may request information/technical assistance from the department of fish and wildlife -- Concurrence review process.
76.09.900Short title.
76.09.905Air pollution laws not modified.
76.09.910Shoreline management act, hydraulics act, other statutes and ordinances not modified -- Exceptions.
76.09.915Repeal and savings.
76.09.920Application for extension of prior permits.
76.09.925Effective dates -- 1974 ex.s. c 137.
76.09.935Severability -- 1974 ex.s. c 137.

Chapter 76.09 RCW to be used to satisfy federal water pollution act requirements: RCW 90.48.425.