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Chapter 76.04 RCW


RCW Sections

76.04.015Fire protection powers and duties of department -- Enforcement -- Investigation -- Administration.
76.04.016Fire prevention and suppression capacity -- Duties owed to public in general -- Legislative intent.
76.04.025Federal funds.
76.04.035Wardens -- Appointment -- Duties.
76.04.045Rangers -- Appointment -- Ex officio rangers -- Compensation.
76.04.055Service of notices.
76.04.065Arrests without warrants.
76.04.075Rules -- Penalty.
76.04.085Penalty for violations.
76.04.095Cooperative protection.
76.04.105Contracts for protection and development.
76.04.115Articles of incorporation -- Requirements.
76.04.125Requisites of contract.
76.04.135Cooperative agreements -- Public agencies.
76.04.155Firefighting -- Employment -- Assistance.
76.04.165Legislative declaration -- Forest protection zones.
76.04.167Legislative declaration -- Equitable sharing of forest fire protection costs -- Coordinated forest fire protection and suppression.
76.04.175Fire suppression equipment--Comparison of costs.
76.04.177Fire suppression equipment--Requirement to utilize private equipment.
76.04.205Burning permits.
76.04.215Burning mill wood waste -- Arresters.
76.04.235Dumping mill waste, forest debris -- Penalty.
76.04.246Use of blasting fuse.
76.04.305Closed to entry -- Designation.
76.04.315Suspension of burning permits/privileges.
76.04.325Closure of forest operations or forest lands.
76.04.405Steam, internal combustion, or electrical engines and other spark-emitting equipment regulated.
76.04.415Penalty for violations -- Work stoppage notice.
76.04.425Unauthorized entry into sealed fire tool box.
76.04.435Deposit of fire or live coals.
76.04.445Reports of fire.
76.04.455Discarding lighted material or smoking flammable material -- Discharge, release, or detonation of certain materials -- Receptacles in conveyances -- Posting a copy of this section.
76.04.465Certain snags to be felled currently with logging.
76.04.475Reimbursement for costs of suppression action.
76.04.486Escaped slash burns -- Obligations.
76.04.495Negligent starting of fires or allowance of extreme fire hazard or debris -- Liability -- Recovery of reasonable expenses -- Lien.
76.04.600Owners to protect forests.
76.04.610Forest fire protection assessment.
76.04.620State funds -- Loans -- Recovery of funds from the landowner contingency forest fire suppression account.
76.04.630Landowner contingency forest fire suppression account -- Expenditures -- Assessments.
76.04.650Disposal of forest debris -- Permission to allow trees to fall on another's land.
76.04.660Additional fire hazards -- Extreme fire hazard areas -- Abatement, isolation or reduction -- Summary action -- Recovery of costs -- Inspection of property.
76.04.700Failure to extinguish campfire.
76.04.710Wilful setting of fire.
76.04.720Removal of notices.
76.04.730Negligent fire -- Spread.
76.04.740Reckless burning.
76.04.750Uncontrolled fire a public nuisance -- Suppression -- Duties -- Summary action -- Recovery of costs.
76.04.760Civil actions -- Forested lands -- Fire damage.
76.04.900Captions -- 1986 c 100.

Burning permits within fire protection districts: RCW 52.12.101.

Excessive steam in boilers, penalty: RCW 70.54.080.

Steam boilers and pressure vessels, construction, installation, inspection, and certification: Chapter 70.79 RCW.

Treble damages for removal of trees: RCW 64.12.030 and 79.02.320.