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RCW 73.08.010

County veterans' assistance programs for indigent veterans and families—Requirements.

(1) For the relief of indigent veterans, their families, and the families of deceased indigent veterans, the legislative authority of each county shall establish a veterans' assistance program to address the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. The county legislative authority shall consult with and solicit recommendations from the veterans' advisory board established under RCW 73.08.035 to determine the appropriate services needed for local indigent veterans. Veterans' assistance programs shall be funded, at least in part, by the veterans' assistance fund created under the authority of RCW 73.08.080.
(2) The county legislative authority may authorize other entities to administer a veterans' assistance program or programs through grants, contracts, or interlocal agreements. If the county legislative authority authorizes another entity to administer a veterans' assistance program or programs, the terms of the grant, contract, or interlocal agreement must, for each program, specify:
(a) The details of the program;
(b) The responsibilities of all parties;
(c) The duration of the program;
(d) The costs and sources of funding;
(e) Any insurance or bond requirements;
(f) The format and frequency of progress and final reports; and
(g) Any other information deemed necessary or appropriate by either party.
(3) If the county legislative authority authorizes another entity to administer a veterans' assistance program or programs, the authorized entity should, to the extent feasible and consistent with this chapter, ensure that a local branch of a nationally recognized veterans' service organization is the initial point of contact for a veteran or family member seeking assistance.
(4) Nothing in this section shall prohibit or be construed as prohibiting a county from authorizing the continued operation of a veterans' relief or assistance program or programs existing on January 1, 2005, if the authorizing legislative authority:
(a) Solicits advice from the veterans' advisory board established in RCW 73.08.035; and
(b) Satisfies the grant, contractual, or interlocal agreement requirements of subsection (2) of this section.
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Intent2005 c 250: See note following RCW 73.08.005.
Soldiers' home and colony: Chapter 72.36 RCW.
Veterans' rehabilitation council: Chapter 43.61 RCW.