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RCW 72.60.160

State agencies and subdivisions may purchase goods—Purchasing preference required of certain institutions.

All articles, materials, and supplies herein authorized to be produced or manufactured in correctional institutions may be purchased from the institution producing or manufacturing the same by any state agency or political subdivision of the state, and the secretary shall require those institutions under his or her direction to give preference to the purchasing of their needs of such articles as are so produced.
[2012 c 117 § 477; 1981 c 136 § 103; 1979 c 141 § 260; 1959 c 28 § 72.60.160. Prior: 1955 c 314 § 16. Formerly RCW 43.95.150.]
Effective date1981 c 136: See RCW 72.09.900.