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Chapter 71.34 RCW


RCW Sections

71.34.010Purpose -- Parental participation in treatment decisions -- Parental control of minor children during treatment.
71.34.300Responsibility of counties for evaluation and treatment services for minors.
71.34.305Notice to parents, school contacts for referring students to inpatient treatment.
71.34.310Jurisdiction over proceedings under chapter -- Venue.
71.34.315Mental health commissioners -- Authority.
71.34.320Transfer of superior court proceedings to juvenile department.
71.34.325Court proceedings under chapter subject to rules of state supreme court.
71.34.330Attorneys appointed for minors -- Compensation.
71.34.335Court records and files confidential -- Availability.
71.34.355Rights of minors undergoing treatment -- Posting.
71.34.360No detention of minors after eighteenth birthday -- Exceptions.
71.34.365Release of minor -- Requirements.
71.34.370Antipsychotic medication and shock treatment.
71.34.375Parent-initiated treatment -- Notice to parents of available treatment options.
71.34.377Failure to notify parent or guardian of treatment options -- Civil penalty.
71.34.379Notice to parent or guardian -- Treatment options -- Policy and protocol adoption -- Report.
71.34.380Department to adopt rules to effectuate chapter.
71.34.385Uniform application of chapter -- Training for county-designated mental health professionals.
71.34.390Redirection of Title XIX funds to fund placements within the state.
71.34.395Availability of treatment does not create right to obtain public funds.
71.34.400Eligibility for medical assistance under chapter 74.09 RCW -- Payment by department.
71.34.405Liability for costs of minor's treatment and care -- Rules.
71.34.410Liability for performance of duties under this chapter limited.
71.34.415Judicial services -- Civil commitment cases -- Reimbursement.
71.34.500Minor thirteen or older may be admitted for inpatient mental treatment without parental consent -- Professional person in charge must concur -- Written renewal of consent required.
71.34.510Notice to parents when minor admitted to inpatient treatment without parental consent.
71.34.520Minor voluntarily admitted may give notice to leave at any time.
71.34.530Age of consent -- Outpatient treatment of minors.
71.34.600Parent may request determination whether minor has mental disorder requiring inpatient treatment -- Minor consent not required -- Duties and obligations of professional person and facility.
71.34.610Review of admission and inpatient treatment of minors -- Determination of medical necessity -- Department review -- Minor declines necessary treatment -- At-risk youth petition -- Costs -- Public funds.
71.34.620Minor may petition court for release from facility.
71.34.630Minor not released by petition under RCW 71.34.620 -- Release within thirty days -- Professional may initiate proceedings to stop release.
71.34.640Evaluation of treatment of minors.
71.34.650Parent may request determination whether minor has mental disorder requiring outpatient treatment -- Consent of minor not required -- Discharge of minor.
71.34.660Limitation on liability for admitting or accepting minor child.
71.34.700Evaluation of minor thirteen or older brought for immediate mental health services -- Temporary detention.
71.34.710Minor thirteen or older who presents likelihood of serious harm or is gravely disabled -- Transport to inpatient facility -- Petition for initial detention -- Notice of commitment hearing -- Facility to evaluate and admit or release minor.
71.34.720Examination and evaluation of minor approved for inpatient admission -- Referral to chemical dependency treatment program -- Right to communication, exception -- Evaluation and treatment period.
71.34.730Petition for fourteen-day commitment -- Requirements.
71.34.740Commitment hearing -- Requirements -- Findings by court -- Commitment -- Release.
71.34.750Petition for one hundred eighty-day commitment -- Hearing -- Requirements -- Findings by court -- Commitment order -- Release -- Successive commitments.
71.34.760Placement of minor in state evaluation and treatment facility -- Placement committee -- Facility to report to committee.
71.34.770Release of minor -- Conditional release -- Discharge.
71.34.780Minor's failure to adhere to outpatient conditions -- Deterioration of minor's functioning -- Transport to inpatient facility -- Order of apprehension and detention -- Revocation of alternative treatment or conditional release -- Hearings.
71.34.790Transportation for minors committed to state facility for one hundred eighty-day treatment.
71.34.795Transferring or moving persons from juvenile correctional institutions or facilities to evaluation and treatment facilities.
71.34.900Severability -- 1985 c 354.
71.34.901Effective date -- 1985 c 354.

Court files and records closed -- Exceptions: RCW 71.05.620.