Chapter 71.05 RCW


RCW Sections

71.05.010Legislative intent.
71.05.012Legislative intent and finding.
71.05.025Integration with chapter 71.24 RCW -- Regional support networks.
71.05.026Regional support networks contracts -- Limitation on state liability.
71.05.027Integrated comprehensive screening and assessment for chemical dependency and mental disorders.
71.05.030Commitment laws applicable.
71.05.032Joinder of petitions for commitment.
71.05.040Detention or judicial commitment of persons with developmental disabilities, impaired by chronic alcoholism or drug abuse, or suffering from dementia.
71.05.050Voluntary application for mental health services -- Rights -- Review of condition and status -- Detention -- Person refusing voluntary admission, temporary detention.
71.05.100Financial responsibility.
71.05.110Compensation of appointed counsel.
71.05.120Exemptions from liability.
71.05.130Duties of prosecuting attorney and attorney general.
71.05.132Court-ordered treatment -- Required notifications.
71.05.135Mental health commissioners -- Appointment.
71.05.137Mental health commissioners -- Authority.
71.05.140Records maintained.
71.05.145Offenders with mental illness who are believed to be dangerous -- Less restrictive alternative.
71.05.150Detention of persons with mental disorders for evaluation and treatment -- Procedure.
71.05.153Emergent detention of persons with mental disorders -- Procedure.
71.05.154Detention of persons with mental disorders -- Evaluation -- Consultation with emergency room physician.
71.05.156Evaluation -- Individual with grave disability.
71.05.157Evaluation by designated mental health professional -- When required -- Required notifications.
71.05.160Petition for initial detention.
71.05.170Acceptance of petition -- Notice -- Duty of state hospital.
71.05.180Detention period for evaluation and treatment.
71.05.190Persons not admitted -- Transportation -- Detention of arrested person pending return to custody.
71.05.195Not guilty by reason of insanity -- Detention of persons who have fled from state of origin -- Probable cause hearing.
71.05.210Evaluation -- Treatment and care -- Release or other disposition.
71.05.212Evaluation -- Consideration of information and records.
71.05.214Protocols -- Development -- Submission to governor and legislature.
71.05.215Right to refuse antipsychotic medicine -- Rules.
71.05.217Rights -- Posting of list.
71.05.220Property of committed person.
71.05.230Procedures for additional treatment.
71.05.232Discharge reviews -- Consultations, notifications required.
71.05.235Examination, evaluation of criminal defendant -- Hearing.
71.05.237Judicial proceedings -- Court to enter findings when recommendations of professional person not followed.
71.05.240Petition for involuntary treatment or alternative treatment--Probable cause hearing.
71.05.245Determination of grave disability or likelihood of serious harm -- Use of recent history evidence.
71.05.260Release from involuntary intensive treatment -- Exception.
71.05.270Temporary release.
71.05.280Additional confinement -- Grounds.
71.05.285Additional confinement -- Prior history evidence.
71.05.290Petition for additional confinement -- Affidavit.
71.05.300Filing of petition -- Appearance -- Notice -- Advice as to rights -- Appointment of attorney, expert, or professional person.
71.05.310Time for hearing -- Due process -- Jury trial -- Continuation of treatment.
71.05.320Remand for additional treatment -- Less restrictive alternatives -- Duration -- Grounds -- Hearing.
71.05.325Release -- Authorized leave -- Notice to prosecuting attorney.
71.05.330Early release -- Notice to court and prosecuting attorney -- Petition for hearing.
71.05.335Modification of order for inpatient treatment -- Intervention by prosecuting attorney.
71.05.340Outpatient treatment or care -- Conditional release -- Procedures for revocation.
71.05.350Assistance to released persons.
71.05.360Rights of involuntarily detained persons.
71.05.365Involuntary commitment -- Individualized discharge plan.
71.05.380Rights of voluntarily committed persons.
71.05.425Persons committed following dismissal of sex, violent, or felony harassment offense -- Notification of conditional release, final release, leave, transfer, or escape -- To whom given -- Definitions.
71.05.435Discharge of person from evaluation and treatment facility or state hospital -- Notice to designated mental health professional office.
71.05.445Court-ordered mental health treatment of persons subject to department of corrections supervision -- Initial assessment inquiry -- Required notifications -- Rules.
71.05.500Liability of applicant.
71.05.510Damages for excessive detention.
71.05.520Protection of rights -- Staff.
71.05.525Transfer of person committed to juvenile correction institution to institution or facility for juveniles with mental illnesses.
71.05.530Facilities part of comprehensive mental health program.
71.05.560Adoption of rules.
71.05.570Rules of court.
71.05.575Less restrictive alternative treatment -- Consideration by court.
71.05.620Court files and records closed--Exceptions -- Rules.
71.05.660Treatment records -- Privileged communications unaffected.
71.05.680Treatment records -- Access under false pretenses, penalty.
71.05.700Home visit by designated mental health professional or crisis intervention worker -- Accompaniment by second trained individual.
71.05.705Provider of designated mental health professional or crisis outreach services -- Policy for home visits.
71.05.710Home visit by mental health professional -- Wireless telephone to be provided.
71.05.715Crisis visit by mental health professional -- Access to information.
71.05.720Training for community mental health employees.
71.05.730Judicial services -- Civil commitment cases -- Reimbursement.
71.05.732Reimbursement for judicial services -- Assessment.
71.05.740Reporting of commitment data.
71.05.801Persons with developmental disabilities -- Service plans -- Habilitation services.
71.05.900Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 142.
71.05.910Construction -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 142.
71.05.920Section headings not part of the law.
71.05.930Effective date -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 142.
71.05.940Equal application of 1989 c 420 -- Evaluation for developmental disability.
71.05.950Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Rules of court: Cf. Superior Court Mental Proceedings Rules (MPR).

     Reviser's note: The department of social and health services filed an emergency order, WSR 89-20-030, effective October 1, 1989, establishing rules for the recognition and certification of regional support networks. A final order was filed on January 24, 1990, effective January 25, 1990.

Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.

Implementation of chapter through regional support networks: RCW 71.24.310.

Minors -- Mental health services, commitment: Chapter 71.34 RCW.