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Chapter 70.77 RCW


RCW Sections

70.77.120Definitions -- To govern chapter.
70.77.124Definitions -- "City."
70.77.126Definitions -- "Fireworks."
70.77.131Definitions -- "Display fireworks."
70.77.136Definitions -- "Consumer fireworks."
70.77.138Definitions -- "Articles pyrotechnic."
70.77.141Definitions -- "Agricultural and wildlife fireworks."
70.77.146Definitions -- "Special effects."
70.77.160Definitions -- "Public display of fireworks."
70.77.165Definitions -- "Fire nuisance."
70.77.170Definitions -- "License."
70.77.175Definitions -- "Licensee."
70.77.177Definitions -- "Local fire official."
70.77.180Definitions -- "Permit."
70.77.182Definitions -- "Permittee."
70.77.190Definitions -- "Person."
70.77.200Definitions -- "Importer."
70.77.205Definitions -- "Manufacturer."
70.77.210Definitions -- "Wholesaler."
70.77.215Definitions -- "Retailer."
70.77.230Definitions -- "Pyrotechnic operator."
70.77.236Definitions -- "New fireworks item."
70.77.241Definitions -- "Permanent storage" -- "Temporary storage."
70.77.250Chief of the Washington state patrol to enforce and administer -- Powers and duties.
70.77.252Civil penalty -- Notice -- Remission, mitigation, review.
70.77.255Acts prohibited without appropriate licenses and permits -- Minimum age for license or permit -- Activities permitted without license or permit.
70.77.260Application for permit.
70.77.265Investigation, report on permit application.
70.77.270Governing body to grant permits -- Statewide standards -- Liability insurance.
70.77.280Public display permit -- Investigation -- Governing body to grant -- Conditions.
70.77.285Public display permit -- Bond or insurance for liability.
70.77.290Public display permit -- Granted for exclusive purpose.
70.77.295Public display permit -- Amount of bond or insurance.
70.77.305Chief of the Washington state patrol to issue licenses -- Registration of in-state agents.
70.77.311Exemptions from licensing -- Purchase of certain agricultural and wildlife fireworks by government agencies -- Purchase of consumer fireworks by religious or private organizations.
70.77.315Application for license.
70.77.320Application for license to be signed.
70.77.325Annual application for a license -- Dates.
70.77.330License to engage in particular act to be issued if not contrary to public safety or welfare -- Transportation of fireworks authorized.
70.77.335License authorizes activities of sellers, authorized representatives, employees.
70.77.340Annual license fees.
70.77.343License fees -- Additional.
70.77.345Duration of licenses and retail fireworks sales permits.
70.77.355General license for public display -- Surety bond or insurance -- Filing of license certificate with local permit application.
70.77.360Denial of license for material misrepresentation or if contrary to public safety or welfare.
70.77.365Denial of license for failure to meet qualifications or conditions.
70.77.370Hearing on denial of license.
70.77.375Revocation of license.
70.77.381Wholesalers and retailers -- Liability insurance requirements.
70.77.386Retailers -- Purchase from licensed wholesalers.
70.77.395Dates and times consumer fireworks may be sold or discharged -- Local governments may limit, prohibit sale or discharge of fireworks.
70.77.401Sale of certain fireworks prohibited.
70.77.405Authorized sales of toy caps, tricks, and novelties.
70.77.410Public displays not to be hazardous.
70.77.415Supervision of public displays.
70.77.420Permanent storage permit required -- Application -- Investigation -- Grant or denial -- Conditions.
70.77.425Approved permanent storage facilities required.
70.77.430Sale of stock after revocation or expiration of license.
70.77.435Seizure of fireworks.
70.77.440Seizure of fireworks -- Proceedings for forfeiture -- Disposal of confiscated fireworks.
70.77.450Examination, inspection of books and premises.
70.77.455Licensees to maintain and make available complete records -- Exemption from public records act.
70.77.460Reports, payments deemed made when filed or paid or date mailed.
70.77.480Prohibited transfers of fireworks.
70.77.485Unlawful possession of fireworks -- Penalties.
70.77.488Unlawful discharge or use of fireworks -- Penalty.
70.77.495Forestry permit to set off fireworks in forest, brush, fallow, etc.
70.77.510Unlawful sales or transfers of display fireworks -- Penalty.
70.77.515Unlawful sales or transfers of consumer fireworks -- Penalty.
70.77.517Unlawful transportation of fireworks -- Penalty.
70.77.520Unlawful to permit fire nuisance where fireworks kept -- Penalty.
70.77.525Manufacture or sale of fireworks for out-of-state shipment.
70.77.530Nonprohibited acts -- Signal purposes, forest protection.
70.77.535Articles pyrotechnic, special effects for entertainment media.
70.77.545Violation a separate, continuing offense.
70.77.547Civil enforcement not precluded.
70.77.548Attorney general may institute civil proceedings -- Venue.
70.77.549Civil penalty -- Costs.
70.77.550Short title.
70.77.555Local permit and license fees -- Limits.
70.77.575Chief of the Washington state patrol to provide list of consumer fireworks that may be sold to the public.
70.77.580Retailers to post list of consumer fireworks.
70.77.900Effective date -- 1961 c 228.
70.77.910Severability -- 1961 c 228.
70.77.911Severability -- 1982 c 230.
70.77.912Severability -- 1984 c 249.

State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.