Chapter 70.74 RCW


RCW Sections

70.74.013Funds collected by department.
70.74.020Restrictions on manufacture, sale, or storage -- Users -- Reports on storage -- Waiver.
70.74.022License required to manufacture, purchase, sell, use, possess, transport, or store explosives -- Penalty -- Surrender of explosives by unlicensed person -- Other relief.
70.74.025Magazines -- Classification, location and construction -- Standards -- Use.
70.74.030Quantity and distance tables for storage -- Adoption by rule.
70.74.040Limit on storage quantity.
70.74.050Quantity and distance table for explosives manufacturing buildings.
70.74.061Quantity and distance tables for separation between magazines -- Adoption by rule.
70.74.100Storage of caps with explosives prohibited.
70.74.110Manufacturer's report -- Inspection -- License.
70.74.120Storage report -- Inspection -- License -- Cancellation.
70.74.130Dealer in explosives -- Application -- License.
70.74.135Purchaser of explosives -- Application -- License.
70.74.137Purchaser's license fee.
70.74.140Storage license fee.
70.74.142User's license or renewal -- Fee.
70.74.144Manufacturer's license fee -- Manufacturers to comply with dealer requirements when selling.
70.74.146Seller's license fee -- Sellers to comply with dealer requirements.
70.74.150Annual inspection.
70.74.160Unlawful access to explosives.
70.74.170Discharge of firearms or igniting flame near explosives.
70.74.180Explosive devices prohibited -- Penalty.
70.74.201Municipal or county ordinances unaffected -- State preemption.
70.74.210Coal mining code unaffected.
70.74.230Shipments out of state -- Dealer's records.
70.74.240Sale to unlicensed person prohibited.
70.74.250Blasting near fur farms and hatcheries.
70.74.270Malicious placement of an explosive -- Penalties.
70.74.272Malicious placement of an imitation device -- Penalties.
70.74.275Intimidation or harassment with an explosive -- Class C felony.
70.74.280Malicious explosion of a substance -- Penalties.
70.74.285"Terrorist act" defined.
70.74.295Abandonment of explosives.
70.74.297Separate storage of components capable of detonation when mixed.
70.74.300Explosive containers to be marked -- Penalty.
70.74.310Gas bombs, explosives, stink bombs, etc.
70.74.320Small arms ammunition, primers and propellants -- Transportation regulations.
70.74.330Small arms ammunition, primers and propellants -- Separation from flammable materials.
70.74.340Small arms ammunition, primers and propellants -- Transportation, storage and display requirements.
70.74.350Small arms ammunition, primers and propellants -- Primers, transportation and storage requirements.
70.74.360Licenses -- Fingerprint and criminal record checks -- Fee -- Licenses prohibited for certain persons -- License fees.
70.74.370License revocation, nonrenewal, or suspension.
70.74.380Licenses -- Expiration -- Extension of storage licenses.
70.74.390Implementation of chapter and rules pursuant to chapter 49.17 RCW.
70.74.400Seizure and forfeiture.
70.74.410Reporting theft or loss of explosives.