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Chapter 70.160 RCW

SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES (Formerly Washington clean indoor air act)

RCW Sections

70.160.011Findings -- Intent -- 2006 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 901).
70.160.030Smoking prohibited in public places or places of employment.
70.160.050Owners, lessees to post signs prohibiting smoking.
70.160.060Intent of chapter as applied to certain private workplaces.
70.160.070Intentional violation of chapter -- Removing, defacing, or destroying required sign -- Fine -- Notice of infraction -- Exceptions -- Violations of RCW 70.160.050 -- Fine -- Enforcement.
70.160.075Smoking prohibited within twenty-five feet of public places or places of employment -- Application to modify presumptively reasonable minimum distance.
70.160.080Local regulations authorized.
70.160.100Penalty assessed under this chapter paid to jurisdiction bringing action.

Smoking in municipal transit vehicle, unlawful conduct: RCW 9.91.025.