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Chapter 70.05 RCW


RCW Sections

70.05.030Counties -- Local health board -- Jurisdiction.
70.05.035Home rule charter -- Local board of health.
70.05.040Local board of health -- Chair -- Administrative officer -- Vacancies.
70.05.045Administrative officer -- Responsibilities.
70.05.050Local health officer -- Qualifications -- Employment of personnel -- Salary and expenses.
70.05.051Local health officer -- Qualifications.
70.05.053Provisionally qualified local health officers -- Appointment -- Term -- Requirements.
70.05.054Provisionally qualified local health officers -- In-service public health orientation program.
70.05.055Provisionally qualified local health officers -- Interview -- Evaluation as to qualification as local public health officer.
70.05.060Powers and duties of local board of health.
70.05.070Local health officer -- Powers and duties.
70.05.072Local health officer -- Authority to grant waiver from on-site sewage system requirements.
70.05.074On-site sewage system permits -- Application -- Limitation of alternative sewage systems.
70.05.077Department of health -- Training -- On-site sewage systems -- Application of the waiver authority -- Topics -- Availability.
70.05.080Local health officer -- Failure to appoint -- Procedure.
70.05.090Physicians to report diseases.
70.05.100Determination of character of disease.
70.05.110Local health officials and physicians to report contagious diseases.
70.05.120Violations -- Remedies -- Penalties.
70.05.130Expenses of state, health district, or county in enforcing health laws and rules -- Payment by county.
70.05.150Contracts for sale or purchase of health services authorized.
70.05.160Moratorium on water, sewer hookups, or septic systems -- Public hearing -- Limitation on length.
70.05.170Child mortality review.
70.05.180Infectious disease testing -- Good samaritans -- Rules.
70.05.190On-site sewage program management plans -- Authority of certain boards of health.

Health districts: Chapter 70.46 RCW.

State board of health: Chapter 43.20 RCW.