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Chapter 7.80 RCW


RCW Sections

7.80.005Legislative finding -- 1987 c 456.
7.80.010Jurisdiction of courts.
7.80.020Issuance of process.
7.80.030Training of judicial officers.
7.80.040"Enforcement officer" defined.
7.80.050Notice of infraction -- Issuance, service, filing.
7.80.060Person receiving notice -- Identification and detention.
7.80.070Notice -- Determination final unless contested -- Form.
7.80.080Response to notice -- Contesting determination -- Mitigating circumstances -- Hearing -- Failure to respond or appear.
7.80.090Hearings -- Rules of procedure -- Counsel.
7.80.100Hearings -- Contesting determination that infraction committed -- Appeal.
7.80.110Hearings -- Explanation of mitigating circumstances.
7.80.120Monetary penalties -- Restitution.
7.80.130Order of court -- Civil nature -- Modification of penalty -- Community restitution.
7.80.140Costs and attorney fees.
7.80.150Notices -- Record of -- Cancellation prohibited, penalty -- Audit.
7.80.160Failure to exercise notice options -- Failure to satisfy penalty.
7.80.900Decriminalization of certain municipal ordinances.
7.80.901Effective date -- 1987 c 456 §§ 9-31.