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Chapter 68.46 RCW


Prearrangement trust fundsRequired.
Prearrangement trust fundsDepositsBond requirements.
Prearrangement trust fundsDeposit of funds.
Withdrawals from trust fundsNotice of department of social and health services' claim.
Indebtedness limitations.
Termination of contract by purchaser or beneficiary.
Involuntary termination of contractRefund.
Inactive contractsFunds transferObligations.
Other use of trust funds prohibited.
Financial reportsFilingVerification.
Prearrangement contract requirements.
Compliance required.
Certain cemeteries exempt from chapter.
Exemptions from chapter granted by board.
Contract formsFiling.
Sales licensesRequirement.
Unconstructed crypts, etc., as part of contractRequirements.
Effective date1987 c 331.
Prearrangement funeral service contracts: RCW 18.39.240 through 18.39.360.