Chapter 68.46 RCW


RCW Sections

68.46.020Prearrangement trust funds -- Required.
68.46.030Prearrangement trust funds -- Deposits -- Bond requirements.
68.46.040Prearrangement trust funds -- Deposit of funds.
68.46.050Withdrawals from trust funds -- Notice of department of social and health services' claim.
68.46.055Indebtedness limitations.
68.46.060Termination of contract by purchaser or beneficiary.
68.46.070Involuntary termination of contract -- Refund.
68.46.075Inactive contracts -- Funds transfer -- Obligations.
68.46.080Other use of trust funds prohibited.
68.46.090Financial reports -- Filing -- Verification.
68.46.100Prearrangment contract requirements.
68.46.110Compliance required.
68.46.125Certain cemeteries exempt from chapter.
68.46.130Exemptions from chapter granted by board.
68.46.160Contract forms -- Filing.
68.46.170Sales licenses -- Requirement.
68.46.175Unconstructed crypts, etc., as part of contract -- Requirements.
68.46.900Effective date -- 1987 c 331.

Prearrangement funeral service contracts: RCW 18.39.240 through 18.39.360.