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Chapter 63.21 RCW


RCW Sections

63.21.010Procedure where finder wishes to claim found property -- Appraisal -- Surrender of property -- Notice of intent to claim -- Publication.
63.21.020Circumstances extinguishing finder's claim to property.
63.21.030Release of property to finder -- Limitations -- Payment to governmental entity -- Expiration of finder's claim.
63.21.040Failure to comply with chapter -- Forfeiture of right to property.
63.21.050Duties of chief law enforcement officer receiving found property.
63.21.060Duties of governmental entity acquiring lost property -- Disposal of property.
63.21.070Claim to found property by employee, officer, or agent of governmental entity -- Limitation.
63.21.080Chapter not applicable to certain unclaimed property.
63.21.900Severability -- 1979 ex.s. c 85.