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Chapter 61.34 RCW

(Formerly Equity skimming)

RCW Sections

61.34.010Legislative findings.
61.34.030Criminal penalty.
61.34.040Application of consumer protection act -- Remedies are cumulative.
61.34.045Arbitration not required.
61.34.050Distressed home consulting transaction -- Requirements -- Notice.
61.34.060Distressed home consultant -- Fiduciary duties.
61.34.070Waiver of rights.
61.34.080Distressed home reconveyance -- Requirements.
61.34.090Distressed home reconveyance -- Entire agreement -- Terms -- Notice.
61.34.100Distressed homeowner's right to cancel.
61.34.110Notice of distressed homeowner's right to cancel.
61.34.120Distressed home purchaser -- Prohibited practices.
61.34.900Severability -- 1988 c 33.