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Chapter 52.26 RCW


RCW Sections

52.26.030Planning committee -- Formation -- Powers.
52.26.040Planning committee -- Formulation of service plan -- Competition with private ambulance service.
52.26.050Service plan -- Taxes and benefit charges.
52.26.060Service plan -- Submission to voters.
52.26.070Service authority -- Formation -- Challenges.
52.26.080Organization and composition of governing board -- Commissioner positions, districts.
52.26.090Powers of governing board.
52.26.100Transfer of responsibilities and employees to authority -- Civil service system.
52.26.110Withdrawal, reannexation of territory.
52.26.120Dissolution of fire protection district -- Election -- Transfer of responsibilities.
52.26.130Debt -- Interlocal contracts -- General obligation bonds.
52.26.140Levy of taxes -- Levies authorized by special election -- Indebtedness -- Definition.
52.26.150Levy of taxes -- To be made by county or counties where authority is located.
52.26.160Taxation of lands lying within authority and forest protection assessment area.
52.26.170Collection of taxes.
52.26.180Benefit charges.
52.26.190Benefit charges -- Exemptions.
52.26.200Benefit charges -- Resolution -- County assessor's duties.
52.26.210 Benefit charges -- Administration and collection by county treasurer.
52.26.220Benefit charges -- Submission to voters -- Renewal.
52.26.230Benefit charges -- Establishment -- Public hearings -- Notice to property owners.
52.26.240Benefit charges -- Limitation on imposition of property tax.
52.26.250Benefit charges -- Complaints -- Review board.
52.26.260Benefit charges -- Model resolution -- Assistance by Washington fire commissioners association.
52.26.270Benefit charges--Additional exemption.
52.26.280Civil service -- When authorized or required.
52.26.290Annexation of territory.
52.26.300Annexation of fire protection jurisdiction adjacent to authority.
52.26.900Captions not law -- 2004 c 129.
52.26.901Severability -- 2004 c 129.