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Chapter 49.46 RCW


RCW Sections

49.46.005Declaration of necessity and police power.
49.46.010Definitions (as amended by 2013 c 141).
49.46.010Definitions (as amended by 2014 c 131).
49.46.020Minimum hourly wage.
49.46.040Investigation -- Services of federal agencies -- Employer's records -- Industrial homework.
49.46.060Exceptions for learners, apprentices, messengers, disabled.
49.46.065Individual volunteering labor to state or local governmental agency -- Amount reimbursed for expenses or received as nominal compensation not deemed salary for rendering services or affecting public retirement rights.
49.46.070Records of employer -- Contents -- Inspection -- Sworn statement.
49.46.080New or modified regulations -- Judicial review -- Stay.
49.46.090Payment of wages less than chapter requirements -- Employer's liability -- Assignment of wage claim.
49.46.100Prohibited acts of employer -- Penalty.
49.46.110Collective bargaining not impaired.
49.46.120Chapter establishes minimum standards and is supplementary to other laws -- More favorable standards unaffected.
49.46.130Minimum rate of compensation for employment in excess of forty hour work week -- Exceptions.
49.46.140Notification of employers.
49.46.160Automatic service charges.
49.46.900Severability -- 1959 c 294.
49.46.910Short title.
49.46.920Effective date -- 1975 1st ex.s. c 289.

Enforcement of wage claims: RCW 49.48.040.