Chapter 49.28 RCW


RCW Sections

49.28.010Eight hour day, 1899 act -- Public works contracts -- Emergency overtime -- Penalty.
49.28.040Eight hour day, 1903 act -- Policy enunciated.
49.28.050Eight hour day, 1903 act -- Contracts, cancellation of, for violations.
49.28.060Eight hour day, 1903 act -- Stipulation in contracts -- Duty of officers.
49.28.065Public works employees -- Agreements to work ten hour day.
49.28.080Hours of domestic employees -- Exception -- Penalty.
49.28.100Hours of operators of power equipment in waterfront operations -- Penalty.
49.28.130Hours of health care facility employees -- Definitions.
49.28.140Hours of health care facility employees -- Mandatory overtime prohibited -- Exceptions.
49.28.150Hours of health care facility employees -- Penalties.

Child labor: RCW 26.28.060, 26.28.070.

Hours of labor for public institutions personnel: RCW 72.01.042, 72.01.043.

Prevailing wages must be paid on public works: RCW 39.12.020.