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Chapter 49.04 RCW


RCW Sections

49.04.010Regulatory apprenticeship council created -- Composition -- Terms -- Compensation -- Duties.
49.04.030Supervisor of apprenticeship -- Duties.
49.04.040Apprenticeship committees -- Composition -- Duties.
49.04.050Apprenticeship program standards.
49.04.060Apprenticeship agreements.
49.04.065Decisions of apprenticeship council -- Appeal to director of labor and industries -- Judicial appeal.
49.04.080On-the-job training agreements and projects -- Supervisor to promote.
49.04.090On-the-job training agreements and projects -- Agreements with federal agencies.
49.04.100Apprenticeship programs -- Civil rights act advancement.
49.04.110Woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programs -- Noncompliance.
49.04.120Woman and racial minority representation -- Community colleges, vocational, or high schools to enlist woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programs.
49.04.130Woman and racial minority representation -- Employer and employee organizations, apprenticeship council and committees, etc., to enlist woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programs.
49.04.141Transportation opportunities -- Report.
49.04.150Associate degree pathway.
49.04.160Student opportunities -- Findings.
49.04.170Student opportunities -- Centers of excellence, colleges to provide information.
49.04.180Student opportunities -- Educational outreach program -- Appropriate activities.
49.04.190Student opportunities -- Building and construction-related apprenticeships -- Grants -- Report.
49.04.200Apprenticeship programs for energy audits and energy efficiency services -- Prioritization of workforce training programs -- Outreach efforts.
49.04.900Severability -- 1941 c 231.
49.04.910Chapter not affected by certain laws against discrimination in employment because of age.

Apprenticeship agreements, inmates of state school for girls (Maple Lane school): RCW 72.20.090.

Child labor: RCW 26.28.060, 26.28.070.