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RCW 48.43.540

Requirement to designate a licensed medical director—Exemption.

Any carrier that offers a health plan and any self-insured health plan subject to the jurisdiction of Washington state shall designate a medical director who is licensed under chapter 18.57 or 18.71 RCW. However, a naturopathic or complementary alternative health plan, which provides solely complementary alternative health care to individuals, groups, or health plans, may have a medical director licensed under chapter 18.36A RCW. A carrier that offers dental only coverage shall designate a dental director who is licensed under chapter 18.32 RCW, or licensed in a state that has been determined by the dental quality assurance commission to have substantially equivalent licensing standards to those of Washington. A health plan or self-insured health plan that offers only religious nonmedical treatment or religious nonmedical nursing care shall not be required to have a medical director.
[2002 c 103 § 1; 2000 c 5 § 13.]
ApplicationShort titleCaptions not lawConstructionSeverabilityApplication to contractsEffective dates2000 c 5: See notes following RCW 48.43.500.