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Chapter 46.71 RCW


RCW Sections

46.71.005Legislative recognition.
46.71.015Estimates -- Invoices -- Recordkeeping requirements.
46.71.021Disposition of replaced parts.
46.71.025Written estimate required -- Alternatives -- Authorization to exceed -- Exceptions.
46.71.031Required signs.
46.71.035Failure to comply with estimate requirements.
46.71.041Liens barred for failure to comply.
46.71.045Unlawful acts or practices.
46.71.051Copy of warranty.
46.71.060Retention of price estimates and invoices.
46.71.070Consumer Protection Act -- Defense.
46.71.080Notice of chapter to vehicle owners.
46.71.090Notice of chapter to repair facilities.

Vehicle warranties (Lemon law): Chapter 19.118 RCW.