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Chapter 46.16A RCW


RCW Sections

46.16A.020Registration year assigned -- Registration month -- Registration period -- When registration does not expire.
46.16A.025Adjustment of vehicle registration periods to stagger renewal periods.
46.16A.030Registration and display of plates required -- Penalties -- Expired registration, impoundment.
46.16A.040Original registration -- Application -- Form and contents.
46.16A.050Registration -- Requirements before issuance -- Penalty -- Rules.
46.16A.060Registration -- Emission control inspections required -- Exemptions -- Educational information -- Rules.
46.16A.070Registration -- Cancellation, refusal, etc. -- Appeals.
46.16A.080Registration -- Exemptions.
46.16A.090Registration -- Voluntary and opt-out donations -- Discover pass.
46.16A.100Registration -- Federal heavy vehicle use tax.
46.16A.110Registration renewal -- Exemptions.
46.16A.120Forwarding and payment of standing, stopping, and parking violations and other infractions required before registration renewal.
46.16A.130Notice of liability insurance requirement.
46.16A.140"Resident" defined -- Natural person residency requirements -- Vehicle registration required.
46.16A.150Purchasing a vehicle with foreign plates.
46.16A.160Nonresident exemption -- Reciprocity -- Rules.
46.16A.170Exemptions from vehicle license fees -- State and publicly owned vehicles.
46.16A.175Exemptions from vehicle license fees -- Vehicles owned by Indian tribes -- Conditions.
46.16A.180Registration certificates -- Formats -- Requirements -- Penalty -- Exception.
46.16A.185Requirement for commercial motor vehicle registration certificate.
46.16A.190Replacement registration certificates.
46.16A.200License plates.
46.16A.210Emblems -- Material, display requirements.
46.16A.215Military emblems -- Fees.
46.16A.300Temporary permits -- Authority -- Dealer fees -- Secure system.
46.16A.305Temporary permits -- Application form and contents -- Display and duration -- Application fee.
46.16A.320Vehicle trip permits -- Restrictions and requirements -- Fee -- Penalty -- Rules.
46.16A.330Farm vehicle trip permits -- Restrictions and requirements -- Fee -- Rules.
46.16A.340Temporary permits for nonresident members of armed forces -- Fee -- Rules.
46.16A.350Temporary letter of authority for movement of unregistered vehicle for special community activity.
46.16A.360Thirty, sixty, or ninety-day permits for registered out-of-state commercial vehicles.
46.16A.405Campers, mopeds, and wheelchair conveyances.
46.16A.410Commercial motor vehicles.
46.16A.420Farm vehicles -- Farm exempt decal -- Fee -- Rules.
46.16A.425Farm vehicles based on gross weight -- Farm tabs -- Penalty.
46.16A.435Off-road motorcycles -- Declaration required -- Contents.
46.16A.440Private use, single-axle trailers--Reduced license fee.
46.16A.445Street rod or custom vehicles.
46.16A.450Trailers -- Permanent license plates and registration -- Penalty -- Rules.
46.16A.455Trucks, buses, and for hire vehicles based on gross weight.
46.16A.500Liability of operator, owner, lessee for violations.
46.16A.510Immunity from liability for issuing a vehicle registration or license plates to nonroadworthy vehicle.
46.16A.520Allowing unauthorized person to drive -- Penalty.
46.16A.530Unlawful to carry passengers for hire without vehicle registration.
46.16A.540Overloading registered capacity -- Additional registration -- Penalties -- Exceptions.
46.16A.545Overloading registered capacity -- Penalties.
46.16A.900Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 132.