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Chapter 43.325 RCW


RCW Sections

43.325.001Findings -- 2006 c 171.
43.325.005Findings -- 2007 c 348.
43.325.020Energy freedom program -- Established.
43.325.030Coordinator -- Duties.
43.325.040Energy freedom account -- Green energy incentive account -- Energy recovery act account.
43.325.050Director's report.
43.325.060Suspension or cancellation of assistance.
43.325.070Applications -- Criteria.
43.325.080Electricity and biofuel usage goals -- Rules.
43.325.090Refueling projects.
43.325.100Framework to mitigate climate change -- Report.
43.325.110Vehicle electrification demonstration grant program.
43.325.900Expiration date -- Transfer of moneys -- 2006 c 171 §§ 1-7.
43.325.901Severability -- 2006 c 171.
43.325.902Servicing and management of projects in effect before July 1, 2007.
43.325.903Part headings not law -- 2007 c 348.
43.325.904Effective date -- 2007 c 348 §§ 205 and 301-307.