Chapter 40.14 RCW


RCW Sections

40.14.010Definition and classification of public records.
40.14.020Division of archives and records management -- State archivist -- Powers and duties -- Duties of public officials.
40.14.022Division of archives and records management -- Imaging account.
40.14.024Division of archives and records management -- Local government archives account.
40.14.025Division of archives and records management -- Allocation of costs of services -- Public records efficiency, preservation, and access account.
40.14.027Local government archives and records management services -- Judgment debtor surcharge.
40.14.030Transfer to state archives -- Certified copies, cost -- Public disclosure.
40.14.040Records officers -- Designation -- Powers and duties.
40.14.050Records committee -- Composition, travel expenses, meetings, powers and duties -- Retention schedules.
40.14.060Destruction, disposition of official public records or office files and memoranda -- Record retention schedules.
40.14.070Destruction, disposition, donation of local government records -- Preservation for historical interest -- Local records committee, duties -- Record retention schedules -- Sealed records.
40.14.080Chapter not to affect other laws.
40.14.100Legislative records -- Defined.
40.14.110Legislative records -- Contribution of papers by legislators and employees.
40.14.120Legislative records -- "Clerk," "secretary" defined.
40.14.130Legislative records -- Duties of legislative officials, employees and state archivist -- Delivery of records -- Custody -- Availability.
40.14.140Legislative records -- Party caucuses to be advised -- Information and instructions.
40.14.150Legislative records -- Use for research.
40.14.160Legislative records -- Rules for access to records.
40.14.170Legislative records -- Sound recordings.
40.14.180Legislative records -- Construction -- Confidentiality of bill drafting records.

Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.