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RCW 39.104.100

Application process—Department of revenue approval.

*** CHANGE IN 2016 *** (SEE 5109-S2.SL) ***

(1) Prior to applying to the department to receive a state contribution, a sponsoring local government shall adopt a revitalization area within the limitations in RCW 39.104.050 and in accordance with RCW 39.104.040.
(2)(a) As a condition to imposing a sales and use tax under RCW 82.14.510, a sponsoring local government must apply to the department and be approved for a project award amount. The application must be in a form and manner prescribed by the department and include, but not be limited to:
(i) Information establishing that over the period of time that the local sales and use tax will be imposed under RCW 82.14.510, increases in state and local property, sales, and use tax revenues as a result of public improvements in the revitalization area will be equal to or greater than the respective state and local contributions made under this chapter;
(ii) Information demonstrating that the sponsoring local government will meet the requirements necessary to receive the full amount of state contribution it is requesting on an annual basis;
(iii) The amount of state contribution it is requesting;
(iv) The anticipated effective date for imposing the tax under RCW 82.14.510;
(v) The estimated number of years that the tax will be imposed;
(vi) The anticipated rate of tax to be imposed under RCW 82.14.510, subject to the rate-setting conditions in RCW 82.14.510(3), should the sponsoring local government be approved for a project award; and
(vii) The anticipated date when bonds under RCW 39.104.110 will be issued.
(b) The department must make available electronic forms to be used for this purpose. As part of the application, each applicant must provide to the department a copy of the adopted ordinance creating the revitalization area as required in RCW 39.104.040, copies of any adopted interlocal agreements from participating local governments, and any notices from taxing districts that elect not to be a participating taxing district.
(3)(a) Project awards must be determined on:
(i) A first-come basis for applications completed in their entirety and submitted electronically;
(ii) The availability of a state contribution;
(iii) Whether the sponsoring local government would be able to generate enough tax revenue under RCW 82.14.510 to generate the amount of project award requested.
(b) The total of all project awards may not exceed the annual state contribution limit.
(c) If the level of available state contribution is less than the amount requested by the next available applicant, the applicant must be given the first opportunity to accept the lesser amount of state contribution but only if the applicant produces a new application within sixty days of being notified by the department and the application describes the impact on the proposed project as a result of the lesser award in addition to new application information outlined in subsection (2) of this section.
(d) Applications that are not approved for a project award due to lack of available state contribution must be retained on file by the department in order of the date of their receipt.
(e) Once total project awards reach the amount of annual state contribution limit, no more applications will be accepted.
(f) If the annual contribution limit is increased by making additional funds available for applicants that apply on a first-come basis, applications will be accepted again beginning sixty days after the effective date of the increase. However, in the time period before any new applications are accepted, all sponsoring local governments with a complete application already on file with the department must be provided an opportunity to either withdraw their application or update the information in the application. The updated application must be for a project that is substantially the same as the project in the original application. The department must consider these applications, in the order originally submitted, for project awards prior to considering any new applications.
(4) The department must notify the sponsoring local government of approval or denial of a project award within sixty days of the department's receipt of the sponsoring local government's application. Determination of a project award by the department is final. Notification must include the earliest date when the tax authorized under RCW 82.14.510 may be imposed, subject to conditions in chapter 82.14 RCW. The project award notification must specify the rate requested in the application and any adjustments to the rate that would need to be made based on the project award and rate restrictions in RCW 82.14.510.
(5) The department must begin accepting applications on September 1, 2009.