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Chapter 39.10 RCW


RCW Sections

39.10.200Finding -- Purpose -- Intent.
39.10.220Board -- Membership -- Vacancies.
39.10.230Board -- Powers and duties.
39.10.240Project review committee -- Creation -- Members.
39.10.250Project review committee -- Duties.
39.10.260Project review committee -- Meetings -- Open and public.
39.10.270Project review committee -- Certification of public bodies.
39.10.280Project review committee -- Project approval process.
39.10.290Appeal process.
39.10.300Design-build procedure -- Uses.
39.10.320Design-build procedure -- Project management and contracting requirements.
39.10.330Design-build contract award process.
39.10.340General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Uses.
39.10.350General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Project management and contracting requirements.
39.10.360General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Contract award process.
39.10.370General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Maximum allowable construction cost.
39.10.380General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Subcontract bidding procedure.
39.10.385General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Alternative subcontractor selection process.
39.10.390General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Subcontract work.
39.10.400General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Prebid determination of subcontractor eligibility.
39.10.410General contractor/construction manager procedure -- Subcontract agreements.
39.10.420Job order procedure -- Which public bodies may use -- Authorized use.
39.10.430Job order procedure -- Contract award process.
39.10.440Job order procedure -- Contract requirements.
39.10.450Job order procedure -- Work orders.
39.10.460Job order procedure -- Required information to board.
39.10.470Public inspection of certain records -- Protection of trade secrets -- Protection of proposals submitted by design-build finalists.
39.10.480Construction of chapter -- Waiver of other limits and requirements.
39.10.490Application of chapter.
39.10.900Captions not law -- 1994 c 132.
39.10.901Severability -- 1994 c 132.
39.10.903Part headings and captions not law -- 2007 c 494.
39.10.904Effective dates -- 2007 c 494.
39.10.905Severability -- 2007 c 494.

     Reviser's note -- Sunset Act application: The alternative public works contracting procedures are subject to review, termination, and possible extension under chapter 43.131 RCW, the Sunset Act. See RCW 43.131.407. RCW 39.10.200 through 39.10.905 are scheduled for future repeal under RCW 43.131.408.