Chapter 28C.18 RCW


RCW Sections

28C.18.020Workforce training and education coordinating board.
28C.18.030Purpose of the board.
28C.18.040Director's duties.
28C.18.050Board designation and functions for federal purposes -- Monitoring state plans for consistency.
28C.18.060Board's duties.
28C.18.068Policies to accommodate student absences for reasons of faith or conscience or for activities conducted under the auspices of a religious organization.
28C.18.070Intent -- "Program" clarified.
28C.18.080Comprehensive plan -- Contents -- Updates -- Agency operating plans -- Reports to the legislature.
28C.18.090Additional board duties -- Program evaluation by operating agencies.
28C.18.100Assessments by board -- Biennial report to legislature and governor.
28C.18.110Identification of policies and methods to promote efficiency and sharing of resources -- Report to governor and legislature.
28C.18.120State strategic plan for supply of health care personnel -- Reports.
28C.18.130Industry skill panels -- Grants -- Role.
28C.18.140Industry skill panels -- Standards -- Report.
28C.18.150Local unified plan for the workforce development system -- Strategic plan.
28C.18.160Opportunity internship program -- Purpose -- Program incentives -- Rules.
28C.18.162Opportunity internship program -- Definitions.
28C.18.164Opportunity internship program -- Opportunity internship consortia -- Contracts -- Federal funds.
28C.18.166Opportunity internship program -- List of consortium graduates -- Notifying office of student financial assistance of state need grant eligibility.
28C.18.168Opportunity internship program -- List of employed graduates -- Verification -- Incentive payments.
28C.18.170Green industry skill panels -- Prioritization of workforce training programs.
28C.18.180Lifelong learning program.
28C.18.190Aerospace and advanced materials manufacturing -- Program review -- Analysis of training system.
28C.18.900Effective dates -- Severability -- 1991 c 238.

Centers of excellence: RCW 28B.50.902.

Dual credit programs -- Annual report: RCW 28A.600.280.

Duty relative to opportunity scholarship program: RCW 28B.145.060.