Chapter 28B.77 RCW

(Formerly Council for higher education)

RCW Sections

28B.77.001Findings -- Intent -- 2012 c 229.
28B.77.005Higher education coordinating board abolished -- Student achievement council -- Advisory committees.
28B.77.020Educational attainment goals and priorities -- Short-term strategic action plan -- Ten-year roadmap -- System reviews -- Role of education data center -- Responsibility for work of the office -- Additional duties.
28B.77.030Bylaws -- Meetings.
28B.77.035Compensation -- Reimbursement.
28B.77.040Executive director.
28B.77.050Rule-making authority.
28B.77.060Council as state commission for federal law purposes.
28B.77.065Council to administer certain federal programs.
28B.77.070Budget priorities and levels of funding -- Submission of budget outlines and priorities to the office of financial management -- Prioritized list.
28B.77.080Needs assessment process and analysis -- Recommendations -- Activities requiring council approval.
28B.77.090Accountability monitoring and reporting system -- Data requirements -- Uniform dashboard format for display of data -- Use of performance data.
28B.77.100Data collection and research -- Goals.
28B.77.200Master list of high school courses qualifying for postsecondary credit and qualifying examination scores -- Publication on web site.
28B.77.210Statewide transfer and articulation policies.
28B.77.215Statewide transfer of credit policy and agreement -- Requirements.
28B.77.220Transfer associate degrees -- Work groups -- Implementation -- Progress reports.
28B.77.230Academic credit for prior learning -- Goals -- Work group -- Reports.
28B.77.240Western Governors University - Washington -- Recognition and endorsement -- Rules.
28B.77.900Transfer of powers, duties, and functions -- 2012 c 229.