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Chapter 28B.15 RCW


RCW Sections

28B.15.005"Colleges and universities" defined.
28B.15.011Classification as resident or nonresident student -- Legislative intent.
28B.15.012Classification as resident or nonresident student -- Definitions.
28B.15.013Classification as resident or nonresident student -- Standards for determining domicile in the state -- Presumptions -- Cut-off date for classification application change.
28B.15.0131Resident tuition rates -- American Indian students.
28B.15.0139Resident tuition rates -- Border county higher education opportunity project.
28B.15.014Exemption from nonresident tuition fees differential.
28B.15.015Classification as resident or nonresident student -- Rules.
28B.15.020"Tuition fees" defined -- Use.
28B.15.022"Nonresident tuition fees differential" defined.
28B.15.025"Building fees" defined -- Use.
28B.15.031"Operating fees" -- Defined -- Disposition.
28B.15.041"Services and activities fees" defined.
28B.15.043"Services and activities fees" -- Allocations from for institutional loan fund for needy students.
28B.15.044Services and activities fees -- Legislative declaration on expenditure.
28B.15.045Services and activities fees -- Guidelines governing establishment and funding of programs supported by -- Scope -- Mandatory provisions -- Dispute resolution.
28B.15.051"Technology fees" -- Defined -- Use -- Student government approval.
28B.15.065Adjustment of state appropriations for needy student financial aid.
28B.15.066General fund appropriations to institutions of higher education.
28B.15.067Tuition fees -- Established.
28B.15.068Estimates of per-student funding level and tuition -- Reports -- "Global challenge states" -- Communication regarding available tax credits -- Tuition mitigation plans (as amended by 2012 c 229).
28B.15.068Tuition fees increase limitations -- State funding goals -- Reports -- "Global challenge states" -- Notification of availability of American opportunity tax credit (as amended by 2012 c 229).
28B.15.0681Information provided to students on tuition billing statements or web site -- Notice of federal educational tax credits.
28B.15.069Building fees -- Services and activities fees -- Other fees.
28B.15.071Degree program support -- Change from state funding to self-supporting and fee-based.
28B.15.100Tuition and fees set by individual institutions -- Limitations -- Tuition and fees for certain part-time, additional time, and out-of-state students.
28B.15.101Authority to modify tuition rates -- Performance-based measures and goals -- Institutional performance plans.
28B.15.102Institutional tuition increases -- Financial aid offset -- Reports -- Resident first-year undergraduate enrollment at the University of Washington, Seattle campus.
28B.15.110Tuition and fees when joint program of four year institutions -- Supplemental fees, when.
28B.15.190Student advisory committees -- Consideration of student access and success in educational programs -- Advising and assisting administration of four-year institutions of higher education.
28B.15.210Fees -- University of Washington -- Disposition of building fees.
28B.15.220Fees -- University of Washington -- Disposition of special fees.
28B.15.225Exemption from fees of schools of medicine or dentistry at University of Washington -- Exemption from nonresident tuition fees differential for participants in the Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming program at Washington State University.
28B.15.310Fees -- Washington State University -- Disposition of building fees.
28B.15.380Exemption from payment of fees at state universities, regional universities, and The Evergreen State College -- Children and surviving spouses of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, or state patrol officers.
28B.15.385"Totally disabled" defined for certain purposes.
28B.15.395Waiver of tuition and fees for wrongly convicted persons and their children.
28B.15.411Fees -- Installment payments.
28B.15.450Gender equity -- Intent.
28B.15.455Gender equity -- Goals.
28B.15.460Gender equity -- Tuition and fee waivers -- Institutional plan for underrepresented gender class.
28B.15.470Gender equity -- "Underrepresented gender class," "equitable" defined.
28B.15.475Gender equity -- Construction -- 1989 c 340.
28B.15.515Community colleges -- State-funded enrollment levels -- Summer school -- Enrollment level variances.
28B.15.520Waiver of fees and nonresident tuition fees differential -- Community colleges.
28B.15.522Waiver of tuition and fees for long-term unemployed or underemployed persons -- Community colleges.
28B.15.524Community college international student exchange program.
28B.15.526Community college international student exchange program -- Resident tuition for participants authorized.
28B.15.527Waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential for students of foreign nations -- Community colleges.
28B.15.540Waiver of tuition and fees for residents sixty years of age or older -- Limitations.
28B.15.543Waiver or grant of tuition and fees for recipients of the Washington scholars award -- Qualifications.
28B.15.544Waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential for western undergraduate exchange program students.
28B.15.545Waiver of tuition and fees for recipients of the Washington award for vocational excellence -- Grants.
28B.15.546Second-year waiver of tuition and fees for recipients of the Washington award for vocational excellence.
28B.15.555Waiver of tuition and fees for students of foreign nations -- Intent.
28B.15.556Waiver of tuition and fees for students of foreign nations -- Authorized -- Limitations.
28B.15.558Waiver of tuition and fees for state employees and educational employees.
28B.15.600Refunds or cancellation of fees -- Four-year institutions of higher education.
28B.15.605Refunds or cancellation of fees -- Community colleges and technical colleges.
28B.15.610Voluntary fees of students.
28B.15.615Exemption from resident operating fees and technology fees for persons holding graduate service appointments.
28B.15.621Tuition waivers -- Veterans and national guard members -- Dependents -- Private institutions.
28B.15.624Early course registration period for eligible veterans and national guard members.
28B.15.625Rights of Washington national guard and other military reserve students called to active service.
28B.15.700Nonresident tuition fees -- Exemption under Western regional higher education compact contracts.
28B.15.725Home tuition programs.
28B.15.730Waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential -- Washington/Oregon reciprocity program.
28B.15.734Washington/Oregon reciprocity tuition and fee program -- Implementation agreement.
28B.15.740Limitation on total tuition and fee waivers.
28B.15.750Waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential -- Washington/Idaho reciprocity program.
28B.15.756Waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential -- Washington/British Columbia reciprocity program.
28B.15.760Loan program for mathematics and science teachers -- Definitions.
28B.15.762Loan program for mathematics and science teachers -- Terms and conditions -- Collection -- Disposition of payments -- Rules.
28B.15.764Loan program for mathematics and science teachers -- Cooperation by office and institutions of higher education.
28B.15.766Loan program for mathematics and science teachers -- Duration -- Legislative budget committee review.
28B.15.790Effective communication -- Intent.
28B.15.792Effective communication -- Principles.
28B.15.794Effective communication -- Implementation of principles.
28B.15.800Pledged bond retirement funds to be set aside from tuition and fees -- 1977 ex.s. c 322.
28B.15.805Pledged bond retirement funds to be set aside from tuition and fees -- 1981 c 257.
28B.15.820Institutional financial aid fund -- "Eligible student" defined.
28B.15.821Dual credit program -- Definition.
28B.15.910Limitation on total operating fees revenue waived, exempted, or reduced -- Outreach to veterans.
28B.15.915Waiver of operating fees -- Report.
28B.15.980Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Uniform minor student capacity to borrow act: Chapter 26.30 RCW.