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Chapter 28A.657 RCW


Persistently lowest-achieving schoolsChallenged schoolsIdentificationCriteriaWashington achievement index.
Required action districtsRecommendation for designationReconsiderationDesignationNotice.
Academic performance audits of lowest-achieving schools in required action districtsExternal review teamsAudit findings.
Required action plansDevelopmentPublication of guidelines, research, and modelsSubmissionContentsEffect on existing collective bargaining agreements.
Required action plansApproval or nonapproval by state board of educationResubmission or reconsiderationImplementation.
Required action plan review panelMembershipDutiesTimelines and procedures for deliberations.
Redirecting Title I funds based on academic performance audit findings.
Required action plansImplementationTechnical assistance and fundsProgress report.
Required action districtsProgress reportsRelease from designationAssignment to level two of the required action process.
Required action processLevel two schools and plans.
Accountability framework for system of support for challenged schoolsWashington achievement indexRecognition of schools for exemplary performanceUse of state system to replace federal accountability system.
Education accountability system oversight committeeMembershipDutiesReports.