Chapter 28A.657 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.657.020Persistently lowest-achieving schools -- Challenged schools -- Identification -- Criteria -- Washington achievement index.
28A.657.030Required action districts -- Recommendation for designation -- Reconsideration -- Designation -- Notice.
28A.657.040Academic performance audits of lowest-achieving schools in required action districts -- External review teams -- Audit findings.
28A.657.050Required action plans -- Development -- Publication of guidelines, research, and models -- Submission -- Contents -- Effect on existing collective bargaining agreements.
28A.657.060Required action plans -- Approval or nonapproval by state board of education -- Resubmission or reconsideration -- Implementation.
28A.657.070Required action plan review panel -- Membership -- Duties -- Timelines and procedures for deliberations.
28A.657.080Redirecting Title I funds based on academic performance audit findings.
28A.657.090Required action plans -- Implementation -- Technical assistance and funds -- Progress report.
28A.657.100Required action districts -- Progress reports -- Release from designation -- Assignment to level two of the required action process.
28A.657.105Required action process -- Level two schools and plans.
28A.657.110Accountability framework for system of support for challenged schools -- Washington achievement index -- Recognition of schools for exemplary performance -- Use of state system to replace federal accountability system.
28A.657.130Education accountability system oversight committee -- Membership -- Duties -- Reports.