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RCW 28A.230.050

Physical education in high schools.

All high schools of the state shall emphasize the work of physical education, and carry into effect all physical education requirements established by rule of the superintendent of public instruction: PROVIDED, That individual students may be excused from participating in physical education otherwise required under this section on account of physical disability, employment, or religious belief, or because of participation in directed athletics or military science and tactics or for other good cause.
[2006 c 263 § 416; 1985 c 384 § 3; 1984 c 52 § 2; 1969 ex.s. c 223 § 28A.05.040. Prior: 1963 c 235 § 1, part; prior: (i) 1923 c 78 § 1, part; 1919 c 89 § 2, part; RRS § 4683, part. (ii) 1919 c 89 § 5, part; RRS § 4686, part. Formerly RCW 28A.05.040, 28.05.040, part.]
FindingsPurposePart headings not law2006 c 263: See notes following RCW 28A.150.230.