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Chapter 28A.150 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.150.010Public schools.
28A.150.020Common schools.
28A.150.050School holidays.
28A.150.070General public school system -- Administration.
28A.150.080Superintendent of the school district.
28A.150.100Basic education certificated instructional staff -- Definition -- Ratio to students.
28A.150.198Finding -- Intent -- 2009 c 548.
28A.150.1981Intent -- 2009 c 548.
28A.150.200Program of basic education.
28A.150.210Basic education -- Goals of school districts.
28A.150.211Values and traits recognized.
28A.150.220Basic education -- Minimum instructional requirements -- Program accessibility -- Rules.
28A.150.230District school directors' responsibilities.
28A.150.240Certificated teaching and administrative staff as accountable for classroom teaching -- Scope -- Responsibilities -- Penalty.
28A.150.250Annual basic education allocation -- Full funding -- Withholding of funds for noncompliance.
28A.150.260Allocation of state funding to support instructional program of basic education -- Distribution formula -- Prototypical schools -- Enhancements and adjustments -- Review and approval -- Enrollment calculation.
28A.150.261State funding to support instructional program of basic education -- Schedule of increased allocations.
28A.150.270Annual basic education allocation of funds according to average FTE student enrollment -- Procedure for crediting portion for school building purposes.
28A.150.275Annual basic education allocation for students in technical colleges.
28A.150.280Reimbursement for acquisition of approved transportation equipment -- Method.
28A.150.290State superintendent to make rules and regulations -- Unforeseen conditions or actions to be recognized -- Paperwork limited.
28A.150.295General public school system -- Maintained.
28A.150.300Corporal punishment prohibited -- Adoption of policy.
28A.150.305Alternative educational service providers -- Student eligibility.
28A.150.310National guard youth challenge program -- Allocation of funding -- Rules.
28A.150.315Voluntary all-day kindergarten programs -- Funding -- Identification of skills, knowledge, and characteristics -- Assessments.
28A.150.350Part time students -- Defined -- Enrollment authorized -- Reimbursement for costs -- Funding authority recognition -- Rules, regulations.
28A.150.360Adjustments to meet emergencies.
28A.150.380Appropriations by legislature.
28A.150.390Appropriations for special education programs.
28A.150.392Special education funding -- Safety net awards -- Rules -- Annual survey and report -- Safety net oversight committee.
28A.150.400Apportionment factors to be based on current figures -- Rules and regulations.
28A.150.410Basic education certificated instructional staff -- Salary allocation schedule -- Limits on postgraduate credits.
28A.150.420Reimbursement for classes provided outside regular school year.
28A.150.500Educational agencies offering vocational education programs -- Local advisory committees -- Advice on current job needs.
28A.150.510Transmittal of education records to department of social and health services -- Disclosure of educational records -- Data-sharing agreements -- Comprehensive needs requirement document -- Report.
28A.150.520High-performance public buildings -- Compliance with requirements.
28A.150.530High-performance public buildings -- Implementation rules -- Energy conservation report review.
28A.150.540Condensed compliance reports -- Second-class districts.
28A.150.550Statewide indicators of educational system health -- Disaggregation -- Use of indicators -- Status reports.