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RCW 26.25.030

Cooperative agreements—Contents.

An agreement established under this section may, but is not required to, address the following:
(1) Recognizing the state's and tribe's authority to address child support matters with the development of a process designed to determine how tribal member cases may be handled;
(2) The authority, procedures, and guidelines for all aspects of establishing, entering, modifying, and enforcing child support orders in the tribal court and the state court;
(3) The authority, procedures, and guidelines the department and tribe will follow for the establishment of paternity;
(4) The establishment and agreement of culturally relevant factors that may be considered in child support enforcement;
(5) The authority, procedures, and guidelines for the garnishing of wages of tribal members or employees of a tribe, tribally owned enterprise, or an Indian-owned business located on the reservation;
(6) The department's and tribe's responsibilities to each other;
(7) The ability for the department and the tribe to address the fiscal responsibilities between each other;
(8) Requirements for alternative dispute resolution procedures;
(9) The necessary procedures for notice and the continual sharing of information; and
(10) The duration of the agreement, under what circumstances the parties may terminate the agreement, and the consequences of breaching the provisions in the agreement.