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Chapter 26.04 RCW


RCW Sections

26.04.007Definition -- Religious organization.
26.04.010Marriage contract -- Void marriages -- Construction of gender specific terms -- Recognition of solemnization of marriage not required.
26.04.020Prohibited marriages.
26.04.050Who may solemnize.
26.04.060Marriage before unauthorized cleric -- Effect.
26.04.070Form of solemnization.
26.04.080Marriage certificate -- Contents.
26.04.090Certificate for files of county auditor and state registrar of vital statistics -- Forms.
26.04.100Filing and recording -- County auditor.
26.04.105Preservation of copies of applications and licenses -- County auditor.
26.04.110Penalty for failure to deliver certificates.
26.04.120Marriage according to religious ritual.
26.04.130Voidable marriages.
26.04.140Marriage license.
26.04.150Application for license -- May be secured by mail -- Execution and acknowledgment.
26.04.160Application for license -- Contents -- Oath.
26.04.165Additional marriage certificate form.
26.04.170Inspection of applications.
26.04.175When disclosure of marriage applications and records prohibited.
26.04.180License -- Time limitations as to issuance and use -- Notification.
26.04.190Refusal of license -- Appeal.
26.04.200Penalty for violations -- 1939 c 204.
26.04.210Affidavits required for issuance of license -- Penalties.
26.04.220Retention of license by person solemnizing -- Auditor's record.
26.04.240Penalty for unlawful solemnization -- Code 1881.
26.04.250Penalty for unlawful solemnization -- 1909 c 249.
26.04.260Recognition of a legal union.
26.04.900Construction -- Religious organization.

Certificates for out-of-state marriage license requirements: RCW 70.58.380.

Interschool athletic and other extracurricular activities for students, discrimination because of marital status prohibited: RCW 28A.600.200.

Statute of frauds -- Contracts, etc., void unless in writing: RCW 19.36.010.

Veterans and veterans' affairs -- Free documents related to marriage, divorce, and domestic partnerships: RCW 73.04.120.