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Chapter 23.86 RCW


RCW Sections

23.86.010Cooperative associations -- Who may organize.
23.86.020Business authorized.
23.86.022Certificate of authority as insurance company -- Filing of documents.
23.86.030Association name -- Immunity from liability of association board members and officers.
23.86.050Articles -- Contents.
23.86.055Articles -- Filing.
23.86.070Filing fees -- Rules.
23.86.075Fees for services by secretary of state.
23.86.080Directors -- Election and appointment.
23.86.085Election of officers.
23.86.087Removal of officers or directors.
23.86.090Amendments to articles.
23.86.095Registered office and agent.
23.86.105Member liability -- Termination.
23.86.125Voting -- Quorum.
23.86.135Members right to dissent.
23.86.145Rights of dissenting members.
23.86.155Failure to appoint registered agent -- Removal -- Reinstatement.
23.86.160Apportionment of earnings.
23.86.170Distribution of dividends.
23.86.191Indemnification of agents of any corporation authorized.
23.86.195Cooperative associations organized under other statutes -- Reorganization under chapter.
23.86.210Conversion of cooperative association to domestic ordinary business corporation -- Procedure.
23.86.220Merger of cooperative association with one or more cooperative associations or business corporations -- Procedure.
23.86.230Merger of cooperative association with one or more cooperative associations or business corporations -- Rights, powers, duties and liabilities of surviving entity -- Articles.
23.86.300Application of RCW 24.06.055 and 24.06.060.
23.86.310Application of RCW 24.06.440.
23.86.320Application of RCW 24.06.445.
23.86.330Application of RCW 23B.14.200 and 23B.14.210.
23.86.335Application of RCW 23B.14.203 -- Name not distinguishable from name of governmental entity.
23.86.340Application of RCW 23B.14.220 -- Reinstatement.
23.86.350Application of RCW 24.06.100 and 24.06.105.
23.86.360Application of Title 23B RCW.
23.86.370Application of RCW 24.06.340 through 24.06.435.
23.86.400Locally regulated utilities -- Attachments to poles.
23.86.410Tariff for irrigation pumping service -- Authority for locally regulated utility to buy back electricity.
23.86.900Application -- 1989 c 307.

Exemptions to commission merchant's act: RCW 20.01.030.

Revolving fund of secretary of state, deposit of moneys for costs of carrying out secretary of state's functions under this chapter: RCW 43.07.130.