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Chapter 19.77 RCW


RCW Sections

19.77.015Reservation -- Fees -- Rules.
19.77.020Registration of certain trademarks prohibited.
19.77.030Application for registration -- Fee -- Rules -- Corrections -- Amendment for change in categories -- Certificates issued in error.
19.77.040Certificate of registration -- Issuance -- Contents -- Admissibility in evidence.
19.77.050Duration of certificate -- Renewal -- Fees -- Rules.
19.77.060Assignment of trademark, registration, or application -- Fee -- Rules.
19.77.070Secretary of state to keep records.
19.77.080Secretary of state must cancel certain registrations.
19.77.090Actions relating to registration -- Service on secretary of state -- Assessment -- Set by rule.
19.77.115Classification of goods and services.
19.77.130Fraudulent registration -- Financial liability.
19.77.140Trademark imitation.
19.77.150Remedies of registrants.
19.77.160Injunctive relief for owners of famous marks.
19.77.170Use of trademark employed by alien person outside of United States -- Limitation of damages, relief -- Exceptions.
19.77.900Common law rights preserved prior to registration.
19.77.910Saving -- 1955 c 211.
19.77.920Severability -- 1955 c 211.
19.77.930Construction -- 1989 c 72.
19.77.940Prospective application -- 1989 c 72.

Crimes relating to trademarks: Chapter 9.16 RCW.

Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.