Chapter 19.290 RCW


RCW Sections

19.290.020Private metal property or nonferrous metal property -- Records required.
19.290.030Metal property and metallic wire -- Requirements for transactions.
19.290.040Scrap metal businesses -- Record of commercial accounts.
19.290.050Reports to law enforcement--Records exempt from public disclosure -- Private civil liability.
19.290.060Stolen metal property -- Preserving evidence.
19.290.070Violations -- Penalty.
19.290.080Civil penalties.
19.290.090Exemptions from chapter.
19.290.100Scrap metal license -- Penalties.
19.290.110Scrap metal license -- Application, renewal -- Required information.
19.290.120Scrap metal license application -- Department of licensing to issue license -- Display of certificate.
19.290.130Scrap metal license -- Surety bond -- Action for recovery.
19.290.140Scrap metal license -- Renewal -- Surrender of license.
19.290.150License plates -- Fee.
19.290.160Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
19.290.170Cancellation of scrap metal license -- Refusal of issuance.
19.290.180Director of licensing authorized to adopt rules and regulations, set license and renewal fees.
19.290.190Inspection of licensed premises and records -- Certificate of inspection.
19.290.200State preemption.
19.290.220Scrap theft alert system.
19.290.230Seizure and forfeiture.
19.290.240Chapter to be liberally construed.
19.290.250No-buy list database program -- Scrap metal business to determine if customer is listed.
19.290.900Captions not law -- 2007 c 377.
19.290.901Severability -- 2007 c 377.