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Chapter 19.146 RCW


RCW Sections

19.146.005Findings and declaration.
19.146.020Exemptions from chapter.
19.146.0201Loan originator, mortgage broker -- Prohibitions -- Requirements.
19.146.030Written disclosure of fees and costs -- Rules -- Contents -- Lock-in agreement terms -- Excess fees limited.
19.146.040Written contract required -- Contract entered by loan originator binding on mortgage broker -- Written correspondent or loan broker agreement required.
19.146.050Moneys for third-party provider services deemed in trust -- Deposit of moneys in trust account -- Use of trust account -- Rules -- Tax treatment.
19.146.060Accounting requirements.
19.146.070Fee, commission, or compensation -- When permitted.
19.146.080Borrowers unable to obtain loans -- Mortgage broker to provide copies of certain documents -- Conditions -- Exceptions.
19.146.085Duties -- Generally.
19.146.095Fiduciary duties.
19.146.100Violations of chapter -- Application of consumer protection act.
19.146.103Financial interest in a mortgage broker -- Prohibited practices.
19.146.110Criminal penalty.
19.146.200Mortgage broker or loan originator -- License required -- Suit or action for collection of compensation -- Designated broker required.
19.146.205License -- Application -- Applicant to furnish information establishing identity -- Background check -- Fee -- Bond or alternative.
19.146.210License -- Requirements for issuance -- Denial -- Validity -- Surrender -- Interim license -- Rules.
19.146.215Continuing education -- Rules.
19.146.218Informal settlement of complaints or enforcement actions -- Director's discretion.
19.146.220Director -- Powers and duties -- Violations as separate violations -- Rules.
19.146.221Action by director -- Hearing -- Sanction.
19.146.223Director -- Administration and interpretation.
19.146.225Director -- Rule-making powers.
19.146.226Director -- Licensing rules and interim procedures.
19.146.227Cease and desist order -- Action to enjoin and enforce.
19.146.228Fees -- Exception.
19.146.230Administrative procedure act application.
19.146.233Subpoena authority -- Application -- Contents -- Notice -- Fees.
19.146.235Director's authority to conduct investigations and examinations -- Rules -- Penalty.
19.146.237Director -- Powers under chapter 19.144 RCW.
19.146.240Violations -- Claims against bond or alternative.
19.146.245Violations -- Liability.
19.146.250Authority restricted to person named in license -- Exceptions.
19.146.260Registered agent for brokers without physical office in state -- Venue.
19.146.265Branch offices -- Fee -- Licenses -- Rules.
19.146.290Licensee to provide director with annual report of mortgage broker activity.
19.146.300Loan originator license--Application -- Applicant to furnish information establishing identification -- Background check -- Fees -- Rules.
19.146.310Loan originator license -- Requirements for issuance -- Denial -- Validity -- Expiration -- Surrender -- Interim license.
19.146.320Loan originator license -- Not assignable.
19.146.325Loan originator license -- Test.
19.146.330Loan originator -- Limit on applications taken.
19.146.340Loan originator applicants.
19.146.350Loan originators -- Continuing education -- Requirements.
19.146.353Residential mortgage loan modification services -- Written fee agreement -- Limitation on fees -- Rules.
19.146.355Third-party residential mortgage loan modification services providers -- Duties -- Restrictions.
19.146.357Mortgage loan originator -- License required -- Nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.
19.146.360Director's duty -- Process to challenge information -- Nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.
19.146.370Disclosure of information -- Privilege -- Confidentiality -- Exceptions.
19.146.380Director's authority to contract -- Records and fees.
19.146.390Mortgage brokers -- Licensing system and registry reports of condition.
19.146.400Director's authority -- Violation and enforcement reporting.
19.146.900Short title.
19.146.901Severability -- 1987 c 391.
19.146.902Severability -- 1994 c 33.
19.146.903Effective dates -- 1994 c 33.
19.146.904Implementation of act -- 2006 c 19.
19.146.905Effective date -- 2006 c 19.