Chapter 19.09 RCW
FeesCharitable organizationsCommercial fund-raisers.
Charitable organizations and commercial fund-raisersRegistration requiredPublic recordRegistration not endorsement.
Application for registrationWhen registeredIncomplete applicationFailure to pay filing fee.
Application for registrationSolicitation reportViolation.
Charitable organizationsApplication for registration or renewalContentsFee.
Commercial fund-raisersApplication for registration or renewalContentsFee.
Application requirementsExemptions.
RegistrationDurationChangeNotice to reregister (as amended by 2011 c 183).
RegistrationDurationNotice to renewWhen registeredIncomplete applicationFailure to pay filing fee (as amended by 2011 c 199).
Contract with commercial fund-raiserLimitationsRegistration formContentsCopyFee.
Conditions applicable to solicitations.
Commercial fund-raisersSurety bond.
Books, records, and contracts.
Records requests.
Use of the name, symbol, statement, or emblem of another entityFiling.
Failure to registerLate filing feeNotice to attorney general.
Waiver of rule-set penaltiesNotice by organization seeking reliefInvestigation.
ViolationsAttorney generalCease and desist orderTemporary order.
ViolationsSecretary of statePenaltyHearingRecovery in superior court.
Service on secretary when registrant not foundProcedureFeeCosts.
Forms and proceduresFiling of financial statementPublicationsFee.
Violations deemed unfair practice under chapter 19.86 RCWApplication of chapter 9.04 RCWProcedure.
Moneys to be transmitted to general fund.
Attorney generalInvestigationsPublication of information.
Attorney generalInvestigationsPowersSuperior court may compel.
Copies of information for attorney general.
Administrative procedure act to govern administration.
Annual report by secretary of state.
Charitable organization education program.
Charitable organization education account.
Tiered financial reporting requirements.
Charitable advisory council.
Reciprocal agreements with other states.
Effective date1983 c 265.
Effective date1986 c 230.
Effective date1993 c 471.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
FeesCharitable trustsCharitable solicitations: RCW 43.07.125.
Telephone, solicitation regulated: RCW 80.36.390.
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