Chapter 18.85 RCW


RCW Sections

18.85.021Real estate commission created -- Qualifications, terms, appointment of members -- Vacancies.
18.85.025Commission -- Compensation and travel expenses -- Frequency of meetings.
18.85.031Commission -- Educational conferences -- Examinations of applicants for licenses.
18.85.035Commission -- Home inspector referrals -- Procedures.
18.85.041Director -- General powers and duties.
18.85.045Director's seal.
18.85.051Publication of chapter -- Distribution.
18.85.053Controlling interest in a real estate business -- Prohibited practices.
18.85.061License fees -- Real estate commission account.
18.85.075Director and employees business interest prohibited.
18.85.081Licensure of town, city, or county employees conducting real estate transactions.
18.85.091Firm license -- Requirements.
18.85.101Broker's license -- Requirements -- Renewal.
18.85.111Managing broker's license -- Requirements -- Renewal.
18.85.121Designated brokers -- Registration -- Endorsements.
18.85.131Out-of-state licensees--Requirements in lieu of licensing.
18.85.141Substitution of educational requirements -- Rules.
18.85.151Exemptions from licensing.
18.85.171Applications -- Conditions -- Fees.
18.85.181Examinations -- Sample questions -- Scope -- Moneys from sale.
18.85.191License fees -- Expiration -- Renewal -- Identification cards -- Background checks.
18.85.201Responsibility for conduct of subordinates.
18.85.211Licenses -- Renewal -- Continuing education.
18.85.221Licenses -- Names -- Restrictions as to use.
18.85.231Licenses -- Office or records depositories required -- Record maintenance and production.
18.85.241Licenses -- Branch office.
18.85.255Licenses -- Change of location.
18.85.265Inactive licenses.
18.85.275Designated broker or managing broker -- Authority and duties.
18.85.285Transactions and recordkeeping -- Trust accounts -- Requirements.
18.85.291Brokers and managing brokers -- Termination of affiliation with firm -- Notice.
18.85.301Sharing commissions.
18.85.311Distribution of interest from brokers' trust accounts.
18.85.321Real estate education program account.
18.85.331License required -- Prerequisite to suit for commission.
18.85.341License suspension--Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.85.351License suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.85.361Disciplinary action -- Grounds.
18.85.370Disciplinary action -- Director's delegation of authority.
18.85.380Disciplinary action -- Hearing -- Conduct of.
18.85.390Disciplinary action -- Order -- Appeal.
18.85.401Appeal -- Transcript -- Cost.
18.85.411Violations -- Penalty.
18.85.420Attorney general as legal advisor.
18.85.430Enforcement provisions.
18.85.440Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
18.85.451Fee assessed.
18.85.461Washington real estate research account -- Creation.
18.85.471Real estate research center -- Purpose.
18.85.481Changes in licensing categories -- Effect on status of proceedings, existing rules, forms, and licenses.
18.85.490Military training or experience.
18.85.900Severability -- 1941 c 252.
18.85.910Severability -- 1951 c 222.
18.85.920Severability -- 1972 ex.s. c 139.
18.85.930Effective date -- 2008 c 23.

Excise tax on real estate sales: Chapter 82.45 RCW.

Real estate salesman or broker on commission not subject to unemployment compensation: RCW 50.04.230.