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Chapter 18.71A RCW


RCW Sections

18.71A.020Rules fixing qualifications and restricting practice -- Applications -- Discipline -- Payment of funds.
18.71A.023Practice requirements -- Military training or experience.
18.71A.025Application of uniform disciplinary act.
18.71A.030Limitations on practice.
18.71A.035Limitation on practice -- Remote sites.
18.71A.040Commission approval required -- Application -- Fee -- Discipline.
18.71A.045Eligibility of foreign medical school graduates.
18.71A.050Physician's liability, responsibility.
18.71A.060Limitations on health care services.
18.71A.090Signing and attesting to required documentation.
18.71A.100Pain management rules -- Criteria for new rules.

     Reviser's note: Certain powers and duties of the department of licensing and the director of licensing transferred to the department of health and the secretary of health. See RCW 43.70.220.

Health professions account -- Fees credited -- Requirements for biennial budget request -- Unappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.