Chapter 18.29 RCW


RCW Sections

18.29.003Regulation of health care professions -- Criteria.
18.29.005"Surfaces of the teeth" defined.
18.29.011License required.
18.29.021Requirements for licensing.
18.29.045Licensure by endorsement.
18.29.050Scope of licensee's functions -- Employment -- Supervision.
18.29.053Expanded function dental auxiliary services -- Supervision.
18.29.056Employment by health care facilities authorized -- Limitations -- Requirements for services performed in senior centers.
18.29.058Delegated acts -- Homebound patients.
18.29.060License issuance -- Display.
18.29.076Application of uniform disciplinary act.
18.29.100Violations -- Penalty -- Prosecutions.
18.29.110Dental hygiene examining committee -- Generally.
18.29.120Examinations -- Secretary's authority -- Consultation with examining authority.
18.29.130Secretary's authority -- Generally -- Continuing education.
18.29.140Approval of educational programs.
18.29.170Committee meetings -- Quorum -- Effect of vacancy.
18.29.180Exemptions from chapter.
18.29.190Initial limited license.
18.29.220Community-based sealant programs in schools -- Data collection.
18.29.230Services at senior centers and community-based sealant programs -- Dental hygienist duties.
18.29.900Construction -- 1923 c 16.
18.29.910Severability -- 1923 c 16.
18.29.915Captions not law -- 1989 c 202.

     Reviser's note: Powers and duties of the department of licensing and the director of licensing transferred to the department of health and the secretary of health. See RCW 43.70.220.

Dentistry: Chapter 18.32 RCW.

Health professions account -- Fees credited -- Requirements for biennial budget request -- Unappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.

Rebating by practitioners of healing professions prohibited: Chapter 19.68 RCW.

Secretary of health or designee ex officio member of health professional licensure and disciplinary boards: RCW 43.70.300.