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Chapter 18.20 RCW

(Formerly Boarding homes)

RCW Sections

18.20.030License required.
18.20.040Application for license.
18.20.050Licenses -- Issuance -- Renewal -- Provisional licenses -- Fees -- Display -- Surrender, relinquishment--Change in licensee--Refusal of renewal, when--Copy of decision.
18.20.090Rules, regulations, and standards.
18.20.110Inspection of assisted living facilities -- Approval of changes or new facilities.
18.20.115Quality improvement consultation program -- Principles.
18.20.125Inspections -- Enforcement remedies -- Screening -- Limitations on unsupervised access to vulnerable adults.
18.20.130Fire protection -- Duties of chief of the Washington state patrol.
18.20.140Operating without license -- Penalty.
18.20.150Operating without license -- Injunction.
18.20.160Persons requiring medical or nursing care.
18.20.170Facilities operated by religious organizations.
18.20.180Resident rights.
18.20.185Complaints -- Toll-free telephone number -- Investigation and referral -- Rules -- Retaliation prohibited.
18.20.190Department response to noncompliance or violations.
18.20.195Disputed violations, enforcement remedies -- Informal dispute resolution process.
18.20.200License suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.20.210License suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.20.220Residential care contracted services, conversion to -- Requirements.
18.20.230Training standards review -- Proposed enhancements.
18.20.250Federal funding programs, opportunities -- Secretary's duty to comply.
18.20.270Long-term caregiver training.
18.20.280General responsibility for each resident.
18.20.290Holding a medicaid eligible resident's room or unit -- Payment rates.
18.20.300Domiciliary care services--Scope of services--Disclosure form.
18.20.305Disclosure to nonresidents.
18.20.310Assistance with activities of daily living.
18.20.320Health support services.
18.20.330Intermittent nursing services.
18.20.340Resident's family member administers medications or treatment -- Written primary or alternate plan -- Licensee's duty of care/negligence.
18.20.350Preadmission assessment--Initial resident service plan -- Respite care.
18.20.360Full reassessment of resident.
18.20.370Negotiated service agreement.
18.20.380Provision of outside services--Licensee's duty of care/negligence.
18.20.390Quality assurance committee.
18.20.400Correction of violation/deficiency--Not included in facility report.
18.20.410Standards for small assisted living facilities--Study.
18.20.415Rule-making authority.
18.20.420Temporary management.
18.20.430Assisted living facility temporary management account.
18.20.440Withdrawal from medicaid program -- Notice -- Duties.
18.20.900Severability -- 1957 c 253.
18.20.901Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.