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Chapter 18.130 RCW


RCW Sections

18.130.035Background check activities -- Fees.
18.130.037Application and renewal fees.
18.130.039Licensee not required to participate in third-party reimbursement program.
18.130.040Application to certain professions -- Authority of secretary -- Grant or denial of licenses -- Procedural rules.
18.130.045Massage practitioners -- Procedures governing convicted prostitutes.
18.130.050Authority of disciplining authority.
18.130.055Authority of disciplining authority -- Denial of applications.
18.130.057Disciplining authority -- Duties -- Documents.
18.130.060Additional authority of secretary.
18.130.062Authority of secretary -- Disciplinary process -- Sexual misconduct.
18.130.064Authority and duties -- Secretary and disciplining authority -- Background checks.
18.130.065Rules, policies, and orders -- Secretary's role.
18.130.070Rules requiring reports -- Court orders -- Immunity from liability -- Licensees required to report.
18.130.075Temporary practice permits -- Penalties.
18.130.080Unprofessional conduct -- Complaint -- Investigation -- Civil penalty.
18.130.085Communication with complainant.
18.130.090Statement of charge -- Request for hearing.
18.130.095Uniform procedural rules.
18.130.098Settlement -- Disclosure -- Conference.
18.130.100Hearings -- Adjudicative proceedings under chapter 34.05 RCW.
18.130.110Findings of fact -- Order -- Report.
18.130.120Actions against license -- Exception.
18.130.125License suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.130.127License suspension--Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.130.130Orders -- When effective -- Stay.
18.130.135Suspension or restriction orders -- Show cause hearing.
18.130.160Finding of unprofessional conduct -- Orders -- Sanctions -- Stay -- Costs -- Stipulations.
18.130.165Enforcement of fine.
18.130.170Capacity of license holder to practice -- Hearing -- Mental or physical examination -- Implied consent.
18.130.172Evidence summary and stipulations.
18.130.175Voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
18.130.180Unprofessional conduct.
18.130.185Injunctive relief for violations of RCW 18.130.170 or 18.130.180.
18.130.186Voluntary substance abuse monitoring program -- Content -- License surcharge.
18.130.190Practice without license -- Investigation of complaints -- Cease and desist orders -- Injunctions -- Penalties.
18.130.195Violation of injunction -- Penalty.
18.130.200Fraud or misrepresentation in obtaining or maintaining a license -- Penalty.
18.130.210Crime by license holder -- Notice to attorney general or county prosecuting attorney.
18.130.230Production of documents -- Administrative fines.
18.130.250Retired active license status.
18.130.270Continuing competency pilot projects.
18.130.300Immunity from liability.
18.130.310Biennial report -- Contents -- Format.
18.130.340Opiate therapy guidelines.
18.130.345Naloxone -- Administering, dispensing, prescribing, purchasing, acquisition, possession, or use -- Opiate-related overdose.
18.130.350Application--Use of records or exchange of information not affected.
18.130.360Retired volunteer medical worker license -- Supervision -- Rules.
18.130.370Prohibition on practicing in another state -- Prohibited from practicing in this state until proceedings of appropriate disciplining authority are completed.
18.130.390Sanctioning schedule -- Development.
18.130.400Abuse of vulnerable adult -- Prohibition on practice.
18.130.900Short title -- Applicability.
18.130.901Severability -- 1984 c 279.

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