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RCW 15.60.021

Registration of hives.

(1) Each person owning one or more hives with bees, brokers renting hives, and apiarists resident in other states who operate hives in Washington shall register with the director by April 1st each year.
(2) The registration application shall include:
(a) The name, address, and phone number of the apiarist or broker;
(b) The number of colonies of bees to be owned, brokered, or operated in Washington that year;
(c) A registration fee as prescribed in rule by the director, with the advice of the apiary advisory committee; and
(d) Any other information required by the department by rule.
(3) The director shall issue to each apiarist or broker registered with the department an apiarist identification number.
[2000 c 100 § 3; 1994 c 178 § 6; 1993 c 89 § 11; 1988 c 4 § 9; 1977 ex.s. c 362 § 5; 1961 c 11 § 15.60.050. Prior: 1933 ex.s. c 59 § 6; RRS § 3170-6. Formerly RCW 15.60.050.]