Chapter 15.36 RCW

(Formerly Fluid milk)

RCW Sections

15.36.021Milk and milk products -- Rule-making authority -- Grade A pasteurized and raw milk -- Grade C milk and milk products.
15.36.025Application of chapter 34.05 RCW.
15.36.041Milk producer's license.
15.36.051Milk processing plant license -- Fee waiver.
15.36.071Milk hauler's license -- Endorsements.
15.36.081Dairy technician's license -- Application -- Renewal -- Fees.
15.36.091Dairy technician's license -- Records -- Inspection of.
15.36.101Milk wash station license.
15.36.111Inspection of dairy farms and milk processing plants -- Violations -- Director's access.
15.36.131Sale of out-of-state grade A milk and milk products.
15.36.141Grading of milk and milk products.
15.36.151Unlawful to sell, offer for sale, or deliver certain products -- Diseased animals -- Colostrum -- Exceptions.
15.36.161Cows, goats, and other mammals -- Animal health requirements.
15.36.171Grades of milk and milk products that may be sold.
15.36.181Sale of adulterated or misbranded milk or milk products prohibited -- Possession restricted.
15.36.191Milk or milk product analysis -- Report of violative results.
15.36.201Examination of milk and milk products -- Violations -- Director's options -- Penalty.
15.36.206Source of milk and milk products -- Seller's disclosure.
15.36.221Grade A raw milk -- Cooling.
15.36.231Raw milk or milk products -- Bottling and capping -- Packaging -- Labeling.
15.36.241Capping of milk or milk products.
15.36.261Butter or cheese -- Pasteurization of milk or cream.
15.36.271"Pasteurized" -- Use of word regulated.
15.36.281Unlawful use of containers -- Seizure authorized.
15.36.401Licenses -- Denial, suspension, revocation -- Reasons.
15.36.412Issuance of cease and desist order.
15.36.421Milk processing plant or producer -- License suspension.
15.36.451Regrading of milk or milk products -- Reinstatement of license.
15.36.454Failure to comply with chapter or rules -- Civil penalties.
15.36.455Violations -- Notice, orders, damages.
15.36.473Failure to comply with chapter or rules -- Criminal penalties.
15.36.475Laboratory tests -- Admission as evidence.
15.36.481Violations may be enjoined.
15.36.491Licenses -- Money deposited in general fund -- Exception.
15.36.511Unlawful actions.
15.36.525Sanitary certificates -- Rules -- Fee for issuance.
15.36.531Declaration of police power.
15.36.541Chapter cumulative.
15.36.551Dairy inspection program -- Assessment.
15.36.561Dairy inspection program -- Advisory committee -- Purpose -- Terms.