Chapter 15.08 RCW


RCW Sections

15.08.020Methods of prevention, control and disinfection.
15.08.025Disinfection of fruit trees -- Procedures to be followed.
15.08.030Duty to disinfect, destroy -- Disposal of cuttings.
15.08.040Authority to enter premises -- Interference unlawful.
15.08.050Condemnation of infected property -- Disposal of, unlawful.
15.08.060Condemnation of infected property -- Notice to owner -- Division into classes.
15.08.070Condemnation of infected property -- Use of condemned fruit, vegetables -- Permit.
15.08.080Condemnation of infected property -- Service of notice -- Personal, constructive, substituted.
15.08.090Condemnation of infected property -- Duty to comply -- Inspector's duty on failure -- Lien for costs.
15.08.100Foreclosure of lien -- Sale -- Notice of impounding -- Contents.
15.08.110Sale proceeds -- Deficiency -- Action to recover.
15.08.120Record of proceedings -- Verified copy as evidence.
15.08.130Record of premises disinfected -- Costs -- Lien.
15.08.140Hearing on costs -- Notice -- Service.
15.08.150Payment and release -- Order on amount -- Priority of lien.
15.08.160Payment date -- Cancellation of lien.
15.08.170Failure to pay -- Conversion into taxes -- Use.
15.08.180Inspection board -- Creation -- Duties -- Powers.
15.08.190Report of inspection -- Nuisance abatement.
15.08.200Notice of hearing -- Service -- Adjournments.
15.08.210Order of abatement.
15.08.220Appeals -- Bond for damages.
15.08.230Disinfection of public properties.
15.08.240Dumping infected products, containers, prohibited.
15.08.250Host-free districts -- Director's duties.
15.08.260Horticultural tax.
15.08.270Basis for estimating the tax.

Pest control compact: Chapter 17.34 RCW.