Chapter 13.34 RCW
Short title.
Legislative declaration of family unit as resource to be nurturedRights of child.
Child dependency casesCoordination of servicesRemedial services.
Standard court formsRulesAdministrative office of the courts to develop and establishFailure to use or followDistribution.
Petition to court to deal with dependent childApplication of federal Indian child welfare act.
Educational liaisonIdentification.
Educational liaisonResponsibilitiesBackground checks.
Court order to take child into custody, whenHearing.
Custody by law enforcement officerRelease from liability.
Shelter carePlacementCustodyDuties of parties.
Shelter careNotice of custody and rights.
Shelter careHearingRecommendation as to further needRelease.
Shelter careCase conferenceService agreement.
Shelter careOrder and authorization of health care and education records.
Summons when petition filedService procedureHearing, whenContempt upon failure to appearRequired notice regarding Indian children.
Summons when petition filedPublication of notice.
Rights under chapter proceedings.
Rights under chapter proceedingsAppointment of counselNotice.
Description of services provided to parents.
Right to be heardNotice.
Appointment of guardian ad litemBackground informationRightsNotification and inquiryAppointment of attorney for childReview and removal.
Guardian ad litemTrainingRegistrySelectionSubstitutionException.
Guardian ad litemDutiesImmunityAccess to information.
Guardian ad litemEx parte communicationsRemoval.
Guardian ad litemFees.
HearingsFact-finding and dispositionTime and place, notice.
HearingsPublic excluded when in the best interests of the childNotes and recordsVideo recordings.
Social study and reports made available at disposition hearingContentsNotice to parents.
Voluntary adoption planConsideration of preferences for proposed placement.
Order of disposition for a dependent child, alternativesPetition seeking termination of parent-child relationshipPlacement with relatives, foster family home, group care facility, or other suitable personsPlacement of an Indian child in out-of-home careContact with siblings.
Petition seeking termination of parent-child relationshipRequirements.
Permanent placement of child.
Permanency plan of care.
Review hearingsFindingsDuties of parties involvedIn-home placement requirementsHousing assistance.
Entry, order of dispositionParent, guardian, or custodian of child to engage in services and maintain contact with childNotice.
Current placement episodeCalculation.
Permanency planning hearingPurposeTime limitsGoalsReview hearingPetition for termination of parental rightsGuardianship petitionAgency responsibility to provide services to parentsDue process rights.
Case review panelCreationDuties.
Modification of orders.
Concurrent jurisdiction over nonparental actions for child custodyEstablishment or modification of parenting plan.
Order of support for dependent child.
Order of support for dependent childNoncomplianceEnforcement of judgment.
Civil contemptGroundsMotionPenaltyDetention review hearing.
Order of alcohol or substance abuse diagnostic investigation and evaluationTreatment planBreach of planReports.
Violation of alcohol or substance abuse treatment conditionsHearingNoticeModification of order.
Order terminating parent and child relationshipPetitionFilingAllegations.
Order terminating parent and child relationshipFindings.
Order terminating parent and child relationshipRights of parties when granted.
Order terminating parent and child relationshipCustody where no one has parental rights.
Petition reinstating terminated parental rightsNoticeAchievement of permanency planEffect of granting the petitionHearingChild support liabilityRetroactive applicationLimitation on liability.
Guardianship for dependent childOrder, contentsRights and duties of dependency guardian.
Guardianship for dependent childModification or termination of orderHearingTermination of guardianship.
Guardianship for dependent childDependency guardianship subsidies.
Guardianship for dependent childReview hearing requirements not applicableException.
Guardianship for dependent childSubject to dependency and termination of parent-child relationship provisionsExceptionsRequest to convert dependency guardianship to guardianshipDismissal of dependency.
Acts, records, and proceedings of Indian tribe or band given full faith and credit.
Voluntary consent to foster care placement for Indian childValidationWithdrawal of consentTermination.
Foster home placementParental preferencesFoster parent contact with birth parents encouraged.
Foster home placementConsiderations.
Extended foster care servicesMaintenance of dependency proceedingPlacement, care of youthAppointment of counselCase plan.
Extended foster care servicesVoluntary placement agreementDeclinePetition for dependency.
Child with developmental disabilityOut-of-home placementPermanency planning hearing.
Relevance of failure to cause juvenile to attend school to neglect petition.
Health careEvaluation and treatment.
Inpatient mental health treatmentWhen parental consent requiredHearing.
Inpatient mental health treatmentPlacement.
Release of recordsDisclosure to treating physician.
Dependent childrenInformation sharingGuidelines.
Transfer of newborn to qualified personCriminal liabilityNotification to child protective servicesDefinitions.
Evaluation of partiesSelection of evaluators.
Visitation policies and protocolsDevelopmentElements.
Petition for visitationRelatives of dependent childrenNoticeModification of orderEffect of granting the petitionRetroactive application.
Comprehensive services for drug-affected and alcohol-affected mothers and infants.
Child welfare proceedingsPlacementDocumentation.
Psychosexual evaluation.
Drug-affected and alcohol-affected infantsModel project.
RulesDefinition of "drug-affected infant."
RulesDefinition of "alcohol-affected infant."
Permanency for dependent childrenAnnual report.
Child protection and child welfareRacial disproportionalityEvaluationReport.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
Family preservation services: Chapter 74.14C RCW.
Foster placement prevention: Chapter 74.14C RCW.
Implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW: RCW 74.13.036.
Information about rights: RCW 26.44.100 through 26.44.120.
Juvenile may be both dependent and an offender: RCW 13.04.300.
Out-of-home careSocial study required: RCW 74.13.065.
Out-of-home placement: RCW 13.32A.140 through 13.32A.190.
Procedures for families in conflict, interstate compact to apply, when: RCW 13.32A.110.
Therapeutic family home program for youth in custody under chapter 13.34 RCW: RCW 74.13.170.
Transitional living programs for youth in the process of being emancipated: RCW 74.13.037.
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