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Chapter 10.19 RCW


RCW Sections

10.19.040Officers authorized to take recognizance and approve bail.
10.19.055Class A or B felony offenses -- Bail for release determined by judicial officer.
10.19.060Certification and filing of recognizances.
10.19.065Taking and entering recognizances.
10.19.090Forfeiture, exoneration of recognizances -- Judgment -- Execution.
10.19.100Stay of execution of forfeiture judgment -- Bond.
10.19.105Forfeiture judgment vacated on defendant's production -- When.
10.19.110Recognizances before district judge or magistrate -- Forfeiture -- Action.
10.19.120Actions not barred by defect of form or formality.
10.19.140Return of bond to surety, when.
10.19.150Liability of surety, limitation.
10.19.160Surrender of person under surety's bond.
10.19.170Violent offenders -- Reasons for release without bail.

   arresting officer's duties regarding: RCW 10.31.030.
   pending appeal to supreme court: RCW 10.73.040.
   traffic offenses, nonresidents: RCW 46.64.035.

Fugitives, bail: Chapter 10.88 RCW.

   for stay of execution: RCW 10.82.020, 10.82.025.
   to keep the peace as incidence of conviction of crime: RCW 10.64.070, 10.64.075.

Recognizances relative to preliminary hearings: Chapter 10.16 RCW.